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Decorating Tips That Help Their Children Organize And Store Toys

The text today, with tips that help their children organize and store toys, Fabiana Visacro’s, psychologist and designer, specializing in interior design, which has collaborated with the blog before giving decorating tips to stimulate children’s autonomy.

Check out and see what you can do to make this task the Organization more fun and enjoyable. Continue reading Decorating Tips That Help Their Children Organize And Store Toys

Toys That Make Success With Babies Up To 8 Months

When you’re a first-time mother, or when it is not mother and have to present any baby, we never knew that toy buying, which will please and be useful and what’s not going to be getting dust on the shelf. With me it’s always been that way.

Well, after conducting a laboratory test for exactly eight months (today is Leo MESversário! EEEEE!Congratulations to him!), I can give some tips on what toys work and why. Continue reading Toys That Make Success With Babies Up To 8 Months

7 Disney Epcot Park Orlando Attractions & Toys

Discover the 7 best toys and attractions that exist today at  Disney’s Epcot Park Orlando. This park is one of the most famous in the city, recognized mainly by its huge icon of white ball, just at the entrance.Being so recognized in Orlando, tourists are keen to get to know Epcot, and the queues of attractions are huge. So it’s cool to know the toys that are most wanted and to get in line as soon as they arrive in Orlando park, because the demand usually increases throughout the day. So do not forget to arrive early! The toys and attractions that are highlights at Orlando’s Epcot Disney are usually the cool ones, so check out the 7 best highlights of the park now: Continue reading 7 Disney Epcot Park Orlando Attractions & Toys

Felt Toys-Creative, Fun And Educational

I am absolutely suspect to talk about the beautiful creations of Sweet Lil Emma because I am a real passionate about work in felt. When I was pregnant with Leo-and there was some free time in my life-I did all the decorating baby shower him in felt. I also made felt items of decoration for your room (tables, pillows, mobile, curtain decorations…) and even graces the door of motherhood. Continue reading Felt Toys-Creative, Fun And Educational

Toys-Shopping Guide

Learn, discover, create: the toy goes beyond pure entertainment. He is a playful tool required for the development of any child. So, the choice of the toy must be done very carefully.

The market of toys presents options for all kinds of kids and activities. Board Games Racing carts. However, how to choose the most appropriate toy, safe and compatible with the little one who will see it? Continue reading Toys-Shopping Guide