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How To Choose Toys Montessori-Friendly

One of the questions that most parents make me often is about which toys choose for kids and is a question so hard to answer as that shirt to wear or that car I bought, because each have different needs and we can only discover their needs through active observation. Today I explain my view in this regard, which is a summary overview-very-a lesson of the Montessorizate! Continue reading How To Choose Toys Montessori-Friendly

How to Get Started with RC Planes

When you approach this hobby the first question that arises (and dedicated forums) is as follows: you buy model as the first helicopter?

The answer is not unique because there are several variables to consider. The first two are the budget available and the opportunity to attend a flying field.

If you can spend without too much trouble and you have the opportunity to attend a flying field, then you can be followed by other enthusiasts with experience, you can choose a large model, too. In learning his radio flights can be connected wirelessly pupil-master, so that the person skilled in the correct steering errors without crashing the model.  Continue reading How to Get Started with RC Planes

Toy Cars for Kids

Some children spend a lot of time in the car, so it’s not surprising that like to play with toy cars during the time of the game. Kids love to imitate adults driving behaviors (be careful not to show this rampage of rage on the streets) and using the toy cars are able to understand and repeat the behavior of others, but not only, the fact that reproduce the sound of a motor starter, which accelerate, which draw on the sound of grinding brakes, turn signals, horn and much more, shows a growing awareness that the world around him.

Choosing the right car for your child

The best vehicles to choose from are those completely safe. The cars are too small or have parts that present a choking hazard to be avoided. Also, do not choose the cars they do some things that your child might do well on your own, such as rendering engine noise. These characteristics clearly impose limits to the imagination of the child and may reduce the interactive nature of his game. The simple wooden machines are a good choice to start the questions of how to choose remote control cars.

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Radio Control Gliders

RC gliders are among the vehicles that require greater skills of its operators. For larger gliders, it is necessary to have several hours of flying gliders or short wingspan aircraft experience. But the beauty of your flight makes that they are, also, among the most sought after by enthusiasts to the airplane.

They operate in only 2 channels of radio (for rudder and elevator), and their movements are slow and so are more easily controllable than an airplane. When the pilot has enough ability, you can keep your RC glider in the air for hours.

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