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Tips For Buying The Perfect Wedding Dress

Before you buy your wedding dress should determine your budget and keep it. If you go to a wedding dressshop, what you should say is that he only wants to see dresses that are affordable. Do not look at the dresses that are not in your budget, this will prevent that you fall in love with a dress that can not buy it. Continue reading Tips For Buying The Perfect Wedding Dress

Useful Wedding Favors Ideas

You haven’t chosen the party favors? You are on a budget but looking for something original? Enough with the usual trinkets that end up buried in a drawer. Discover the wide range of useful wedding favors are ideal for demanding guests.

No one wants to admit it, but we know what happens to the favor which then unnecessary and perhaps cumbersome: or end up in the bottom of a drawer or in the trash, not to mention that the bride and groom will also have spent a fortune to leave guests a concrete reminder of that day. Continue reading Useful Wedding Favors Ideas

Wedding Gifts: 10 Unique Products

Finding the right wedding gifts is not always easy. We’ve found the perfect gift for the time before and during the wedding or for the time after the roaring party is over. You will also find more inspirations about the theme of wedding in our gift finder or in our great wedding theme world.

And now, let the wedding bells ring: “Tam tam tamtam!”

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Glass Centerpieces for Weddings

Wedding glass centerpiece: here are many original ideas for your wedding day! Glass centerpieces for weddings are a very stylish and modern, perfect for the bride and groom who want to add a special touch to the decorations. However, the original ideas of wedding there are tons of glass centerpiece and settle their tastes of the bride and groom. Let’s see then what are the most beautiful and original glass decorations for the tables of the reception!

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Live the dream out

Last year I got my life surprise when my mother called me a dark winter evening. “I’ll tell you something,” she said immediately, and before I had reached to respond, she exclaimed “I am getting married! Torben proposed to me on the top of a mountain in France with the most beautiful ring, champagne and a great speech (more romantic becomes it well hardly!). Even though I put it mildly, was about to go into a coma, however, and got me I wanted recollecting congratulations and listened to my mother fell in love with.

The call, however, turned out not to be the biggest surprise. I was appointed to be a wedding planner and immediately went in time to imagine a quiet wedding, possibly. with the wedding ceremony on the beach or in the wild and in a simple dress inspired from the Elf world. Just in my mother’s spirit.

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Key to Flawless Wedding

There are many aspects that must take into account if she is invited or direct part of the wedding, family or ladies: time, place, and temperature. So, don’t miss this interesting post, since here the keys to attend a wedding flawless.

Rule 1. That has to take into account when choosing the outfit for a wedding.

-Adhere to the dress code on the invitation. If no, then take into account the place, time and climate where the wedding will be held by Weddinginfashion.

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