CCTV Cameras

One of the most used in the world security camerasurveillance systems is CCTV cameras, or closed-circuit television.

CCTV Cameras

As we have explained above, this mechanism consists of a technology capable of monitoring environments in the same space, which is used through a network of interconnected surveillance cameras with monitors that projects the images in real time. Its main feature is the interconnection, i.e., only transmits images to the elements of the system connected to a network.

Cameras CCTV are called CCTV because, contrary to what happens with the broadcast, all components are linked.Viewers of this circuit are limited: will see what guards or people responsible for the safety of a property, by means of monitors, TVs and computers sometimes, that transmit in real time all the images captured by the cameras, located in strategic points of the space to take care of.

CCTV cameras can be remotely controlled from a control room, where you can configure his panoramic vision, focus, tilt and zoom according to Hackinghomestuff. Some are even equipped with night vision and motion detection systems, which facilitates the guards put on alert when something moves in front of the cameras. The picture quality is usually excellent, even allow to lighten dark areas of the environment.

In Ecuador, the CCTV cameras are employed in many shops, hotels, banks and organizations in general. One of the companies dedicated to your installation is Totem, which has worked with companies such as Banco Bolivariano, Produbanco, TC Television, Ecuaquimica, among others. This firm of surveillance systems has base in Guayaquil.