Cell Phone Tips: Take Photos with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera

Shooting with the Samsung Galaxy S4 camera offers many opportunities to provide images of the Smartphones with special functions such as “Nice portrait” or “Drama” with effects. Also panoramic images are possible at a low setting when shooting. In addition, access to the camera from the lock screen is considerably simplified. With a little practice, any users of the Wholesaleably.com Smartphones can make thus striking snapshots.

Camera from the Lock Screen Start and Take Full Advantage of

Often, it is important that the camera of smartphones can be started directly for fast shooting. The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is callable from the lock screen. Enabled to do this under “settings |” My device | Lock screen”the option”More widgets”. Then calls the “lock screen widgets” and activated the switch of the option “Camera”. Now taps you on the menu item “Camera”, select “Camera” and stores the operation. If you’ve mastered this somewhat complicated path, you can wipe from the lock screen in the upper half of the screen to the left and directly launch the camera app.

To fully exploit the performance of 13 megapixels of the Samsung Galaxy S4 camera, open the camera app, press the menu button and select “settings |” Resolution”. Enables the option of 4128 x 3096, to take advantage of the full resolution there. But there are the photos in this setting in the 4:3 format – so a processing rule is inevitable.

Use Special Functions and Effects of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera

Shooting with the S4 camera Samsung Galaxy is particularly easy with functions such as, for example, “nice portrait”: the Smartphone camera software automatically detects faces when photographing and edited them with photo-realism. This wrinkles and imperfections in the image disappear and the skin looks smoother.

The function “best face” helps in photographing, especially in group shots. The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S4 makes five pictures in three seconds – then it can be selected which facial expressions like each person best.

The feature of ‘Drama’ is also useful when motion sequences from still images on a photo should be held. The Samsung Galaxy S4 camera can create as an action photo from multiple images. General tips on how you get good photos with your Smartphone on concerts, can be found here.


  • After a somewhat complicated preset the camera app can be started very simply from the lock screen
  • The full resolution of 13 megapixels must be selected extra – this is unfortunately only a 4:3-photo possible
  • Features such as “Nice portrait”, “best face” or “Drama” help to bring out the best in snapshots