Chat Abbreviations As Jewelry

3 letters say more than 1000 words!

Since her own name or words such as “Love” and “Friends” dangled in chains, today it is just chat abbreviations.What OMG, LOL, WTF means, I need probably no one who is surfing daily in the waves of social communities.As it is in the generations about us already different.For those, it is, understandably, only 3 senseless letters.But they do not know that there are feelings of emotions behind them.You do not know Facebook, Twitter or the chat language in general … But you will know: There you are flooded with such abbreviations because the whole smileys and emoticons are not yet enough … But not only in the virtual world are feelings and emotions are expressed, but where is that still done?Correct;in fashion and the world of jewelry.With the trends of the chat language it is like with Modetrends: Either you love or hates them.

Whoever decides for this jewelery , shows, however, which abbreviation he likes to use or best suits his whole being.But if I were to wear such a chain, I would have to worry that an abbreviation detestation looks at me diagonally and insults how much the German language is mutilated.On the other hand, you will surely be given a look of mutual familiarity, because an “OMG” sometimes says more than a thousand words.

Would you wear this kind of jewelry?