Childrens Bedroom Paint Ideas

With spring in full swing the housework. If you plan to paint your apartment and decorate the bedroom of your children, try to consider the novelty that we present today.

Children love the Disney characters? You have a daughter who wants to live in a haunted Castle, worthy of one of the princesses of Disney cartoon? The boy, however, he can’t wait to come out in theaters on the second episode of Cars? If Mickey Mouse, princesses, Winnie the Pooh and Cars are the favorite characters from your kids and want their kids to be cheerful and colorful, so why not take advantage of the novelty presented by Materis Paints Italy, a leader in the market of quality bedding sets.

Thanks to the cooperation of this company with Disney, in fact, did the line Magic Mix Paint à Porter, characterized by colors, decorations and special effects, expressly created to decorate the room of children.

The colors of Magic Mix designed specifically for children, are odorless, small creative—can be cleaned and superwash yarns, and being with low solvent content, respect nature and the environment. The palette of colours is inspired by Disney characters above: we can create a bedroom from princesses using the Pink enchanted castle or paint the walls of a beautiful honey yellow for younger fans of Winnie the Pooh.

Not only that, Magic Mix also has magic products and innovative, here they are:

  • Magic Mix, to make the walls”brillantinose”, available in three colors: Goldy, Silver, Violet.
  • Magic Mix Light, painting that, like phosphorescent objects, having had my fill of light during the day, the night as if by magic, lights, allowing the nightvision with stars, moons and any other drawing.
  • Magic magnetic Mixl’acchiappa magnets, a painting which, as the name implies, allows you to turn the walls to surfaces on which hang magnets. More hands go, the greater the strength. It can also be sopraverniciata with Magic Mix Whiteboard, paints available in red and black, that once stretched out, lets be coloured with chalk the treated surface, just like you would a Blackboard.

Lastly Magic Mix for Stencil: a very simple mixing system (base plus dye) and many ad hoc masks to create frames and large patterns on walls, like the sleeping beauty Castle, the magic mirror from snow white Cars car, Winnie The Pooh or Mickey Mouse ears and much more.

You are good at DIY? You want to try? On the website of the Magic Mix you will also find directions to properly use these products: at work!