Choose Leads Or Ballast For Diving

In this article we will offer some tips for your correct choice of leads or ballast for the practice of diving or deep-sea fishing.

You have to go carefully with this element of our team, it will always be better carry less weight exceeding.Leads for both diving and spearfishing facilitate us dip but they are something that decreases our security under water to be a resistance to climb. Now cheeroutdoor will go with the recommendations for choosing the ballast.

Tips For Choosing Ballast Diving

Advise you to first take a smaller ballast as deeper our immersion. We can regret carrying too much weight over when we have to upload, and then it will be too late. Leads will facilitate quick immersion, modifying our calculations, descend much faster and climb more slowly, so have to go very carefully!

Depending on the activity you are going to perform, it is recommended or the use of leads or ballast is not recommended.

So, to lung with a goal of pure leisure to divert us advise against the use of leads. We will equip us with our team of free diving.

For our dives scuba if the use of leads through a belt with pockets will be necessary to add or remove ballast. We may also use the jacket to equip us with leads. To determine the optimum ballast, must be sunk until the eyes, above our waterline, without moving the fins, with our vacuum jacket and venting air slightly.

Underwater fishing is an activity that is also usually accompanied by ballast, in this case we recommend always be less ballast than too much. Otherwise we could incur unnecessary risk. We remind you that an accident under water can bring very serious consequences.

Table To Choose Ballast Diving

Here attached an indicative table of optimum ballast according to the thickness of neoprene.

We hope that this article has been useful. You can see more articles related our category of diving or in our category ofSpearfishing.