Choose Your Style!

There is a wide variety of styles to decorate, reason why it can be difficult to identify the characteristics of each and decide which you would like to see in your home. By virtue of this, here we explain what are 3 alternatives that are trend…


A proposal that has recently gained much popularity. It is distinguished by having the accessories and items with a mystical air and referring to the Eastern world. These elements are complemented with a refined ambience and a balanced presence of nature.


Harmony and balance are merged into this option, which is characterized by requiring few items to decorate the spaces. The same line follows the furniture, whose design boasts simple lines and prioritizes functionality. The stones and wood are common in this alternative materials.

Shabby chic

Bet by the mixture of classic cutting attachments (like fine fabrics and papers tapestries) with renewed but old furniture. In other words: is the combination of classic and modern. The color theme is dominated by white, although you can also see pastel tones.


Oriental style for both the zen, we suggest to use indirect lighting and with LED technology, as this emphasizes the particularity of its different components. Of course, natural light should not miss. For its part, the style shabby chic usually go quite well with wall fixtures. Looking for more ideas? Visit