Christmas Lighting Tips

On the balconies, Windows, facades and pine saplings arise innumerable points of light announcing the arrival of Christmas, a very special date for millions of families throughout Brazil, and also around the world. December nights turn into beautiful and magical nights in shines clear and more discreet, or Symphony light flashers multicolored.

With a little planning and a good helping of creativity it is possible to construct arrangements that really draw attention, provoking the feelings of children and adults for your beauty, detail or diversity of shapes and movements. Overshadowed by the glow of Christmas, however, hide some common hazards related to electricity, such as electric shock, overloads and even fires.

The installation and use of the Christmas lighting via Ledlightsclassified can perform easily and safely by following some tips like:

  • Look for good quality products and with the Inmetro (National Institute of metrology, quality and technology). There are many products on the market for Christmas lighting that do not meet quality specifications and can be real traps;
  • Children and animals are very susceptible to the curiosity that the decorations lights provide, either in the pine indoors or in the garden. Keep decorative lighting out of the reach of them;
  • Avoid hacks, like “t” with multiple flashers on and amendments. For fixing the wire, use electrical tape or nylon cable ties;
  • With a much lower consumption, LED lamps already predominate among the Christmas lighting. They produce little heat compared to incandescent lamps, common in older flashers;
  • Avoid installation near easy burning objects, made of paper, cardboard, plastics and fabrics. Inside the House, for example, make sure that the lighting is in contact with curtains, sofas or furniture in wood;
  • Verify that there are no wires bare spots, either by failure in manufacturing, or for wear in the previous use. Its existence indicates high risk of shocks or short circuit;
  • Christmas lighting should not be connected for very long periods: keep it off during the day when you are not at home or when you’re sleeping. You can also use a Timer to set the period of operation, avoiding to exceed 6 hours for incandescent bulbs, or 12 hours for LED bulbs;
  • The decorations should not be installed on metallic conductive structures, such as the rain gutters;
  • Electrical equipment installed in external areas must be suitable for this use, with degree of protection IP 44 minimum for environment prone to rain. Some specially prepared items (IP 68) can even be submerged in water;
  • In case of rain or strong wind turn the Christmas lighting. Also avoid installing it too close to the power poles, as in the case of strong winds the garnish can be launched against a network of electric energy;
  • To go beyond traditional décor, especially in large areas (such as condominiums and shopping malls), it is recommended that you hire a qualified electrician to perform the installation.

The G20 wants you and your family a Merry Christmas and prosperous 2017 and invites you to learn more about their products for electrical installation and lighting. Visit the website:our site.