Chrome Can End the Year as the Most Used Browser in Brazil

Network monitoring business data StatCounter for the last month of July show that browsers families Internet Explorer and Firefox are still the most used around the world, while Chrome continues to grow at a rapid pace to the top.

The figures on the global use of browsers show that despite registering consecutive declines over four years, IE still the “kings of the network”, with 42.45% of popularity. A month ago this figure was 43.58% (down 1.13%) and in August 2010 was 51.34%.Meanwhile, Firefox ended the month with 27.95% of popularity, against 28.34% in June (down 0.39%) and 31.09% a year ago.

Already Terceirão Chrome remains the newest star of the constellation of browsers. While its main rivals embitter small falls, the program Google ended the month with 22.14% of the sailors in your account, growth of 1.65%. In January this figure was 15.68%, and a year ago, 10.76%.

In Brazil, the Internet Explorer were the most used browser in July, with 43.31% of popularity, falling 1.7% compared to last month.

In turn, the silver medal Chrome jumped 2.08%, reaching 30.4% of popularity, against 28.32% in June and 23.93% in January. Keep this pace of growth, Chrome can close the year as browser most used in the country.

Following the global trend, Firefox also fell here, closing July with a drop of 0.3%, or 24.98% of the audience.