Chrome OS Will Solve The Problems of Display to Display Complete in Android Apps

Chrome OS It is the operating system of Google dedicated to laptops and the 2 in 1, which presents a desktop interface that would make it possible to use it with keyboard and mouse or touch form. Recently it was said that all the Chromebooks that come to the market from 2017 could withstand native Android applications.

But a problem is presented to them, and that you must press the key to run Android applications to full-screen F4. In the case of the convertible 2 in 1 is more annoying, since you have to start the application in portable mode, press F4 and then turn the screen while in tablet mode. But this would have soon solution through an update.

In the update devices could run Android applications fullscreen from the first moment, without having to do anything more. Thus you should not take steps to be able to enjoy your favorite app without that outside elements are displayed.

What remains unclear is if, in the case of the 2 in 1, this update would allow booting home tablet mode to full-screen application or could only be done from laptop mode. Even It is not known the date that this update would come, but as soon as you arrive, the Chromebooks users will be happier with your devices.