Classic Halloween Costumes for Adults

Cartoon characters, pop figures, creatures and demons – the choice of costume for Halloween is so diverse. But we suggest you go back to basics when it all started with witches, ghosts and monsters.
This time we have selected some of the classic outfits, which can occur at Halloween. These are characters from legends and stories in which the entire festival Halloween is based. They are still the most attractive and most worn because there are thousands of options to transform a scary character. Check out 20 ideas for a Halloween costume and decide finally whether this year will have a vampire, witch or zombie.

Frankenstein and his bride are one of the best classic costumes for couples. The story was written by Mary Shelley, wife of Percy Shelley , at their villa until boredom poetic assembled group began to invent interesting and scary stories to survive the bad weather conditions caused by the volcano Tambora . It is hard to believe that the monster of Dr. Frankenstein is the product of a mind that right now, has struggled with boredom. As fearsome look initially monster is friendly, but rejected by its creator and society intershippingrates rised. This is the story of a different, incomprehensible individual who just like all of us looking for love. That is why returns to the “father” in order to enable it to give life a second monster to become a companion of life first.

Vampires are one of the most popular characters for Halloween . Attractive and highly legal motions are demons that have always fascinated with their super-human powers. According to Jewish mystical literature, better known as Kabbalah, the first wife of Adam, not Eve and Lilith, which was first created woman. Lilith was equal to Adam and was created from the dust, but subsequently lost from the canonical Bible. Lilith is not willing to obey the will of Adam and utters the name of God, rises into the air and left him. In time, Adam wishes to her back and God sent three angels who found it near the Red Sea in the land of lust and demons. Most of the legends of Lilith come from Jewish folklore, but a description of the demon Lilith appear and Persians, Babylonians, Mexicans, Greeks, Arabs, British, Germans, Orientals and Indians. In medieval Europe it was declared the wife of Satan. In the mythology of all peoples claim that Lilith was the first vampire.