Cleaning And Maintenance Of The Reel

The reel is one of the most important elements manipulated by the fisherman, and one of the most we must care. Therefore, we offer a series of tips for cleaning and maintenance.

Before disassembling, to clean the inside of a rotary or front, have the instruction manual, and then have the right tools and enough space and orderly so that nothing is lost.

Salt water is more harmful to these devices than sweet, so pay more attention to cleaning and maintenance when fishing under these conditions.

The cleaning itself should be with a soft rag (preferably cotton) and always with fresh water. The ideal is to blow it before opening it, without the air being very “violent”, in order to get an optimal cleaning; In case you do not count on that, use a brush. Do not use abrasives.

Use kerosene to clean many of the interior parts, and by the time we have to change the old grease.

Finally wash everything with soap and water, even the spool with nylon (to last longer). Let it dry in the open air without the sun directly.

Grease, with the corresponding grease or oil (do not use grease for car, but that of reels). Put the grease and oil just, avoiding overloading it over everything.

Re-assemble carefully part by part, without forgetting and adjusting everything correctly, and to re-use.

Tips :

  1. If the reel was submerged in fresh water clean it under the bobbin with fresh water and clean with a clean cloth.
  2. If the reel was submerged in salt water it should be disarmed completely.
  3. If we see that it is going to complicate the task, ask for specialized help since some reels tend to be very complex (fortunately many of the new ones come “simple” enough to be able to disarm them and arm them without much preamble.