Clearaudio Performance DC Test

Picture-book appearance: Clearaudio knows, to which stimuli its analogue audience starts – elegance combined with the best precision engineering. The new performance DC da fully hits the mark.

A very dangerous feelings?. That we want to admit but once: where comes from this cultural pride, if you come across a Clearaudio turntable ? Without that it has given even the slightest sound? Fu? r the answer you must either Freud or Jung bemu? hen. Man stands before a feast of precision mechanics, devoutly is amazed and surprised u? ber this intransigence. A turntable fur 2,850 euro is not really gu? cheap, but compared to the effort but relatively inexpensive. To achieve such a retail pricing, Clearaudio must somewhere once fu? nf just to be allowed to have. Because the other candidates in the test, you can see here and there also a concession to the later market price. Not so at the performance DC: this complete package could be issued with a different, higher price tag, without causing only the smallest irritation.

The small, but important points the other staging are perfectly managed: the clarify-carbon – tonearm is assembled and the virtuoso V2 pickups also. Mu between the arrival of the postman and the first sound? you must no longer than ten minutes. If it were not so oberlehrerhaft: the classmates of the industry is of the Manual and the packaging concept more than just a slice cut off, not to mention the variety of allowances. Clearaudio has settled the performance a stylus pressure gauge a gauge, oil and an additional counterweight fu? r extra heavy duty pickup. Our respect!

Clearaudio performance DC: Construction

Work one learns the full fascination of the micrometer when placing the platter on the ceramic shaft – the plate does not decrease, not plops, but takes a few minutes, until the oil has offset the pressure conditions in the precision construction. The dish itself is solid, but not showy, four centimeters high and made of black POM: a thermoplastic full name “Polyoxymethylene”. It looks classy, absorbs sound harmful vibrations and can be set by CNC (computergestu? estimated numerical control) precision turning.

Clearaudio brings him u? ber a Sandwich construction made of high-density wood to rotate, which is enclosed by two optional black or natural aluminum plates – all slightly rounded and a joy of fu? r eye and hand. One spu? rt the appeal to the aesthetes – and starts an extra round of blind tests so that the optical art preconditioned not the eardrums.

The swing comes from a newly developed direct current motor. Details including? About Clearaudio will not publish but still. An old acquaintance, however, is the ceramic magnetic-bearing-bracket (CMB): Two same-pole magnetic fields repel each other, the axis of polished ceramic forces a form of floating carpet cause – is a revolutionary low friction. These mechanics eats but labor and material costs, therefore Clearaudio puts the camp primarily in the top League of the catalog. The CMBLager failed the previous price breaker which drive concept remains.

A level higher is the Performance-SE drive , CMB, but with the older Sapphire mounted satisfy – tonearm. On the new performance DC, the newer clarify-tonearm, however, emblazoned with its friction-free magnetic bearing. And at the top the new virtuoso-V2 System. Fu? r the second generation has Clearaudio the MM transducer with stronger magnet and a hand-polished, fully enclosing ebony body strengthened. The V1 version played In contrast Calc more like an “underdog”.

As I said: seriously you can so a Jewelry & Watches? ck only in the blind test encounter. The more violent the impression when they rediscovered all described, external as mechanical stimuli in the sound. The performance DC plays like a mix of handsome and engineering: very smart, elegant, in the hard values but relentlessly. He grooves less, provides that? r clear the dynamic conditions. Everything very easily, almost maddeningly confidently.

Clearaudio performance DC: hearing test

Again a qual fu? r each turntable: David Sylvians ‘Secrets of the Beehive’ – a u? berkomplexes Studio album from the late 1980s. Sylvian double bass lines and puts the needle with floating Horn phrasing under pressure. Everything not really hyper loud in the combination but hard work. The drive of platter is too unstable, collapsing the Dynamics . The arm is too easy Nervosit√§ten creeps in. The cartridge too much on show is Parliament? brushed, it is confused in the upper mids.

To any of these critical points was already that the Clearaudio from the track -? r gebu? nourishes him a knighthood. This stability and the extra kick of transparency make it u? ber many competitors. The charm comes from the right arm cartridge combination. A lateral test with our reference MC system Lyra Delos puschte the performance DC to more resolution and more room information, took him but the presence of some more upper bass and thus the samtigeren Center. The inner coherence just playing was acoustic instruments and voices in conjunction with the pre-assembled virtuoso V2 still a Stu? ck far higher.

The straightness of the package is impressive. Ultimately only one irritated on the performance of DC: the relatively modest number on the price tag.