Clothes Color for Spring

Finally came my lovely spring!
As a child I lived in a house with a big garden where there were many trees: lemon, apricot, blackberry, orange… among all these there were also those of peach and not just I, looking out to the balcony, I could see that the flowers blossoming of these trees, I realized that they were coming to “warm weather.”
the same euphoria that took me when I was a child through me even today as soon as spring arrives. In fact, when a few days ago I went with my friend to take a drink in the center, I could not help but wear a look that rifacesse the shades of the flowers, using the fishing precisely, as the predominant color.


I chose to wear then a very soft peach-colored shirt, finished with beautiful roses on the wrists and on the front and a clear jeans fairly close. Since the temperatures now permit, I chose this over very short romantic cotton jacket and short sleeves, embellished with beautiful gold buttons. The shoes are of beige leather brogues (of all those that have these are among my favorites!) With a very chunky heel that reminds me ‘the 70 years that both models are coming back into fashion, then match the color of the bag , also of the skin. My touch “personal” outfit, though, I have given with this fantastic ring… the Robin glasses! Is not it wonderful??


Shirt, shoes and bag are vintage pieces, recovered from one of my most trusty flea markets, the plus size jeans I bought at H & M last year. The jacket is instead of Giorgia & Johns, a Campania brand that I really appreciate. The ring I purchased it just a few days ago on the internet by Yaya Massacre Accessorize to a really Piotrowska.