Clothes Decor+Vintage Fashion=Hot Tip

Clothes decor+Vintage fashion=Hot Tip: When we think of accessories, we think about parts that serve to keep up with the clothes we’re wearing, don’t you agree? 

One of the types of accessories that women more love is jewelry. They adorn clothing, chic or encrementadas and put our self-esteem up there in the clouds.

But what if the jewelry would be independent and accessories were sold as part of an outfit, one attached to another? And if, all of a sudden too, some clothes are so decorated that or accessories they need?

Want to understand more of what I’m talking about? Then follow with me the work of Bonzie.

One of my biggest desires is to impart to you hot tips and business this tip today is boiling!

How about a quick stop in the production of independent jewelry, buy some camisetinhas or basic and tops begin to decorate them? A basic shirt can cost around £ $10.00 and the investment is minimal near the profit that you may have.

See example of this kind of image below: it is basic, black but with a nice touch of screen fabric, lace, flowers and a beautiful brooch in the Center.

Works made by Bonzie

Well, in the same way that we work with lace, fabrics, flowers, gossip, chains, pendants, brooches and other small accessories for the Assembly of costume jewelry, the idea of using these same works in clothes is interesting. It’s almost the same thing but in a slightly different vision.
The market is competitive and people are really, really appreciate what’s different and stands out. This idea that I’m bringing here, is a fun and profitable to work with clothes and accessories. Just join business with pleasure!
If you want to invest a little more in this business, buy basic winter jackets and enjoy the coming around to spruce them up and resell them.
The skirts and vests are also a great option for this type of work.
Here on the blog has several interesting flower tutorials to start to cheer you up in this “new” business. You can find models of step by step flower organza, lace, gossip, steel wire… and with a little creativity and skill, you can create shirts and t-shirts super beautiful and decorated. So decorated or more decorated many necklaces and chokers.

The flowers in the images below are of organza and the step by step is the link “mandalas and flowers”.
Bet this idea! She is not only exciting but also is a step closer to certain profits.
All the pieces shown on vintagewill are the vintage style, but try to diversify and follow other styles that you like them and you can please your type of clientele.