Knit a Soft Turtleneck Sweater

A soft turtleneck sweater for cool evenings suckers. Get yourself 400 grams of wool type shetland color brown and prepared irons 3 numbers plus a circular needle. The expected size is 46, if you want to achieve instead a 42, decreased by about a quarter is the mesh that the amount of used wool. Points used: straight knit and purl knit, working alternately five jerseys at a time. Created, before starting with the execution, a sample of 24 mesh and 40 rows for a total of 10 centimeters, to take the measures.

Execution: Behind and before you work the same way up to the height of the sleeve armhole. Start 116 links in Havana and working with 3 irons; for the margin at the beginning and end of the iron, 3 back loops then toggle 5 mesh straight and 5 backward. A 42 cm tall cast off for armhole, 7 cm per side and let the remaining outstanding on the appropriate pin or cable needle. Ensure that the margins should remain the third straight loops that form the coast of Raglan along with those of the sleeves.

Sleeves: 52 mesh launched in Havana, beginning and ending with an edge mesh and remaining hem. Increasing at both sides 17 times every 1 jersey 9 irons.

A 47 cm cast off for armhole sleeve, 8 mesh. Left open.

Raglan: unite all the pieces on a large circular needle, making sure that the union of the pieces, to form a coastline of 5 straight loops on either side of which you will have to do calature raglan, taking together with the first link of straight coast and the previous stitch, while the last link of the coast is crossed over following. Repeat these calature 27 times. Continue working with the same reason, the remaining issues, to 24 cm, to make the neck. Quit making sure to leave the lens mesh closing.

Spread finally opened the sweater with turtleneck and ironing without pressing, steam.Sew the sides and sleeves. And that’s it.

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