Color Story: Trend Color Red – in the Name of Water Melon

Love watermelon, we know each other for years very well and today we celebrate you. In America today national day of watermelon, we took this as an opportunity to explain red to our color of the month August and to introduce lots of beautiful and fiery innovations in the trend colour red.

First to the color itself: Red is a very lively and spirited color, has a stimulating and vital. Due to the fact that it is a very distinctive color, also called a positive effect for the self-esteem and assertiveness. Just in the morning are the trend color red swing for the day and stimulates. A piece of watermelon for breakfast is a good choice to optimally start the day just in the hot season.

Hardly a color is as versatile as red. The composition is rather tinge or something in the Orange? We speak of berries or Korallfarben? In the summer, the colors are more brilliant and intense. Looking to go the nuances in the wine-red direction towards autumn and be covered. The definition is often difficult and matter of opinion, but exactly this versatility makes the color to an exciting all-rounder for every occasion.

Accents Are Red with the Trend Colour

Shades of red are why woman should use wisely they in any case a catcher. A classic variation is modern interpreted, for example, an outfit in black and grey combined with a red bag as an accessory. If you put up even the matching lipstick, they are elegant and fashionable at the same time styled – whether for the Office or an evening event.

Another option, for example, is the combination of red clothes, a jumpsuit with bags, shoes and accessories in nude tones. The shade of Red is an eye-catcher in the foreground and caresses of delicate nuances. For an exciting night of partying you are with this combination guarantees the high point of the evening.

Just for the summer, woman can also perfectly wear red accessories to a light summer dress in white, for example. You should deal only with patterns deliberately. The shade of red in the pattern is emerging and is otherwise plain and rather clean the bag? Let’s not stop. Be only aware that reds draw more attention.

My personal rule of thumb is: If the lipstick to match everything is allowed. I can tell you ever so much: charming shades of red as that of the Winterberry will accompany us in the coming autumn/winter season. So stop by soon in our shop and secure your new bag favorite in the trend colour red already now.