Contact Baby

Some babies sit comfortably upright in Mommy’s belly rather than with the head forward head to beta – its ideal location of the child before birth.

To make but not nervous, when her baby belongs to those that settle this time – some babies only initiate the U-turns in the weeks of the 3rd trimester.

Experienced midwives not start 32nd or 33rd week therefore before to want the baby turning make tasty with the one or the other trick.

In the following, we explain some methods that can help the baby gently on the jumps. Are advised but make sure your midwife or your Gynecologist also, if one of these methods for you in question could come. Ideally you do together an exercise with your midwife.

Contact with the flashlight trick – for curious babies

Some babies change their position by exposure to light. This phenomenon, you can take advantage and try to take the baby from the outside through the abdomen with the beam of a flashlight. To do this you can estimate however, wherever your child look. Then use a strong flashlight in his direction on the belly and slowly it down. Repeat this several times. An investigation, the method is as effective, is not known.

The bells method

This method also relies on the curiosity of the unborn: the chime ball is multiple over the belly rolled down from the place, where it is believed the brains of babies to the pubic bone. The method is as effective, has not been studied so far.

Massage on the small toe

Let your midwife show the moxibustion point on the small toe. Your partner can massage the while you are in the knee elbow position (Tönnchen). Acupressure at this point to have influence on the pelvic floor muscles, which in turn motivated the baby to rotate or turn. The method is based on the notion of traditional Chinese medicine, that the body is crisscrossed by pathways, called meridians. These meridians are points that you can stimulate through various methods, such as needles (acupuncture), heat (Moxen) or pressure (acupressure). These stimuli are routed through the Meridian in other areas of the body and release blockages there. Acupressure to be not so effective as moxibustion.

Contact with the Indian bridge

The classic among the gentle turning maneuvers – please with the midwife practice. You can start from the 32nd week of pregnancy. To lie down on your back, the leg horizontally on a low chair or coffee table. A pillow under the basin ensures that it is higher than the chest. This practice you can one – or perform twice a day for 10 to 15 minutes. You stay relaxed during the exercise and breathe easy on and off. Have turned the feeling that has baby, you should not continue. This also applies in the event that you do not feel comfortable with the practice.

Stimulates also the Tonnchen position to turn

If the baby is the place for a turn too close, this position could help – please ask the midwife: the pregnant woman enters the deep quadruped, the knee on a blanket or a folded towel, the upper body forward direction ground, based on the forearms. The head rests, with views to the side, on their hands. The arms are bent to the side. In this position, the basin is located higher than the shoulders, widens the womb, the baby gets more space and thus the impulse to change its location. In this position, but only hold ten to 20 minutes, in any case as long as it is pleasant to you. In America and Australia, her pregnant is recommended three times a day.

A survey with an imaging techniques at the University Clinic in Frankfurt showed that the Tönnchen position is more effective than the Indian bridge. During the creation of Tönnchen got the baby on average to 2.4 centimeters more space than in the Indian bridge.

Forward inversion location

Best with a midwife practice: American experts recommend this posture exercise if the baby upright position in MOM’s belly. It’s a steeper version of Tönnchen position. The pregnant woman kneels on the bed to do this for example and rests with the hands before that on the ground. Alternatively, she can make the exercise on a staircase. Significantly deeper than the pool brings the shoulders. The tapes, in which the uterus is suspended, should be relaxed, be more room in the belly to the baby and the child have the opportunity, be head towards breast to avoid – a prerequisite for a somersault.

Once 30 seconds a day are sufficient. Anyway, talk to doctor or midwife, whether you can try out the exercise. And make them only if your partner or a friend supports you in. A fall should be strongly avoided.

Keep just for the exercise, do not rotate to one side. Through the blood, more and more streaming in your head, it can noise initially somewhat in the ears or press against the skull. You get used to it.

Stop the exercise, however, immediately, if you are not comfortable with is if it hurts or get a cramp in the stomach, or if your baby in unpleasant manner noticeable.

Under no circumstances is the exercise for pregnant women with

  • High blood pressure
  • increased heartburn
  • premature contractions
  • low amniotic fluid
  • a twin pregnancy
  • poor seating of the placenta such as E.g. a placenta praevia.
  • or if the baby has the umbilical cord around the neck.


A personal meeting with a midwife over fears (before the birth, an episiotomy), worried (about future and partnership) and desires (more time for me and the kid) helps the pregnant women to relax more. The midwife can guide you here, mentally to travel into the uterus and to contact with the baby. With him, talking how he’s doing and why it does not rotate. You can show him with loving stroking of the abdominal wall where it is to move. This form of contact to the unborn is called Haptonomy.

Contact with the moxibustion

Moxibustion or short Moxen is a special form of acupuncture. This is selectively heat instead of needles. The midwife heated by means of a burning off sagebrush roellchens, also a Moxa cigar called a specific spot on the outside of the small toe. Both toes come one after the other. So you want to stimulate a particular Meridian, has the influence on the mother’s pelvic floor muscles, which in turn should help the unborn, to change its location, or to contact. The method is based on the notion of traditional Chinese medicine, that the body is crisscrossed by pathways, called meridians. These meridians are points that you can stimulate through various methods about acupuncture, heat (Moxen) or pressure (acupressure). These stimuli are routed through the Meridian in other areas of the body and release blockages there.

To increase the effect, the procedure in pool elevation (Indian bridge) or in knee elbow position (Tönnchen) should take place.

Overall, the Moxen takes about 20 minutes, seven to ten consecutive days in a row. Once Moxen costs between 15 and 30 euros. According to a Dutch study, the success rate is about 14 percent. This means that when one of seven women, which is treated with moxibustion, a caesarean section is avoided.


The positive influence of the Moxens can, be strengthened as studies have shown, may be through traditional acupuncture with needles and special storage of pregnant women. Please check beforehand with the midwife, how much the treatment with her.


By the administration of homeopathic remedies can be to influence may only the agility of the child – but this is not proven. Never man thus the direct contact or turning of the child.

Pay attention to the attitude

American experts repeatedly point out how important the correct, balanced posture for pregnant women is to encourage the baby to a good child location or even a twist. Her tips:

  • Sit straight and deliberately on your Ischial tuberosities
  • the knee open and if possible below hip level
  • Contact direction back in between astride on a Chair, so with the belly
  • Dynamic seated posture is cheap. Seating a large exercise ball, a knee Chair or knee stools allow easily to change the attitude
  • Beat each other legs
  • Be sure not to twist the torso or pelvis. If you have already a little kid, you don’t carry it, for example, on a page or hip.
  • If you want to be on the page, make sure a pillow between the knees that a hip over the other is slightly bent legs. Do not sit back, otherwise get a cramp easily. And regularly change the side on which they lie.
  • Who prefer lies on his stomach, can build nest a type from the nursing pillow, which supports the belly.
  • Installing itself, only if absolutely necessary, at the wheel of your car, because you don’t just sit and the legs differ fit. This is bad for the symmetry.
  • Make a forward inversion storage (see above) per day if your midwife to advises you.

Should your baby do not settle with the mentioned methods, leaving even the possibility of the so-called external by an experienced physician, which in many cases leads to success. Love and a wonderful birth! Learn more knowledge on this topic at