Crochet Cardigan: Schema Patterns And Beautiful Description Of Knitting For Women And Girls

This article about crochet cardigan (diagrams and description attached) that bind his hands stretched to the annual cardigan women. 
Currently, became very popular to wear knitted cardigan crochet with the procedures indicated in this article, is the same and your detailed description.
Standard and data circuit to the 42 size clothes. If your size is different, it is necessary to modify the existing scheme or choose another model cardigan for women with overweight.
If your height is 160 cm or less in length you plan to mesh for teen girls, this model will serve him well. Can only make it a little shorter.
Seamless shape model using number 3 hook.


For knitting cardigans year you’ll need about 400-450 grams of yarn. It is recommended to choose a almost 100% cotton yarn.

Knitting Course

So, we started our crochet cardigans schemes and models of very diverse packages, we are in our work here will use these schemas (in the image).
At the beginning of “(head). For this recruit 120 air loops and they begin to perform delicate circuit standard 1 (pictured).
Once connected a circuit pattern height 1. Go to the image Figure 2. Thus, a connection Strip diamonds (vertical). So you begin horizontally 4 pattern.
Then again, back to knitting 1 Schema fans. 1 Prov ‘ yazuyemo Repeating the pattern vertically, then multiple rows of arches with 5 rounds of air and 2 fans with standard repetitive scheme 1.
In each side be sure to do half of a repeated pattern, then you should get 10 recurring images in the last row.
Getting the shelf (top), it is composed of two parts. To do this, we need a pattern in Figure 1.
Start knitting the front of the air circuit in the set amount of 45 Parties (3 repetitive pattern in Figure 1). On each side, where we have a necklace, mesh drawing 1 schema 2.Total 11 series.
The 12 series to connect to only half of the fan. The number 1 fan 13 prov ‘ yazuyemo.On line 14 – only half of the fans.
Remember to make provision for half a pattern that is repeated in each series 2-5 (as in Figure 3).
From the default mesh sleeve guided by Annex 1-2 repeating pattern. So not allover 1 (Figure 1), then 4 rows of arches with air cycles 5. Then, repeating the pattern 2 fans (Figure 1).
Just don’t forget to add a repeating pattern in cava half sleeve, so you must go 6 repetitive patterns in the last row. 1.
It’s time to combine the 3 parts (2 shelves and back) in one and 1 provyazat at armhole a repeating pattern (Figure 1). Count standards, they must obtain 21 pcs. horizontally and 5:00 pm each side.
All right? Then continue. Diamonds band connection (Figure 2), followed by 3 pattern repeats vertically (Figure 1).
When you move to the diamond, remember to make bows of allowance, as this will be our hips level and have expansion screen. To expand on 4710 131619 fans have been required in 1 bow more than shown in the diagram.
Keep diamonds knit stripe (Figure 2). As a result, you will have 12 repetitive patterns.Then again 3 vertical pattern (Figure 1) and a series of extreme standard expansion, adding additional arc along 4811 141 721 lines.
The following diamonds (Figure 2) must be 13 repetitive patterns. Provyazhyte standard 3 series fans (Figure 1), 1 diamond range (Figure 2), a pattern (Figure 1).
Starting sewing on the back: 1 refuse a repeating pattern for armhole and sewed on the shoulders. The detail side sections and two front collar tied recurring figure 1 (Figure 1).
Go to mesh sleeves. We collect 20 laps and the 4 mesh. tie bows 2 5 7 air circuit line. Next is the Diamond Bar Figure 2). Don’t forget to add on both sides of each row in the arc, then repeating pattern 2:00 pm a number of diamonds. Continue knitting a vertical repetitive pattern (Figure 1). 1. The band you get 8 fans.
Connection of a knitting circle and knitted in a circle: 2 vertical pattern (Figure 1), a diamond band (Figure 2), 3 vertical pattern (Figure 1), a bar pattern (Figure 2), 3 vertical pattern (Figure 1).
In conclusion collect all the details together, including covers of lice. It remains only to iron our cardigan by iron gauze and try the product. That’s it. Now that you know how to make crochet knit cardigan with your hands.
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