Cuba Announces Its Own Wikipedia

The Cuban government launched on Tuesday its own version of Wikipedia, where you want to share his revolutionary vision of the world and history with sailors from around the globe. Given the name of ecured, the site comes with exactly 19,626 items in stock to date and “his philosophy is the development of knowledge with the democratizing objective and non-profit under a decolonization point of view,” according to palabras them posted on your home page – which, incidentally, is optimized to be opened in Mozilla Firefox.

As a note the news network BBC, the page has a long biography of el President Fidel Castro, including details about the illness that took power in 2006. “Currently [Fidel] writes and participates in the struggle of ideas and global way influence in important strategic decisions about the direction of the revolution, “says the text.

But the article on the US claims that the country is “an empire of our time that historically uses his strength to invade territories and exploit the resources of other nations, putting them at the service of their interests.[…] It consumes 25% of energy on the planet and yet a third of its inhabitants have no access to health guarantees. ” In the text of Brazil there is a small topic of the dictatorship in which states that the military coup of 64 was made with CIA help.

Those interested in visiting the page can access it by address In Cuba, the site will also be available for consultation by the official intranet that exists in public schools and offices.