Curiosity: Bizarre Shirts of Football Teams

The canopy is coming, and we already know our green and yellow well. And you who are a passionate supporter and make a point of parading around with your heart team’s shirt probably have a favorite uniform or even keeps a collection of commemorative versions released over the years. However, although the creation of these pieces is a serious business, sometimes the designers err ugly, and the poor players are forced to face their opponents wearing bizarre outfits.

La Hoya Lorca, Spain

This is perhaps the most bizarre uniform of all time! The set of the photo was presented last year and the intention is to stimulate sales of broccoli-that is, the players are dressed in vegetable-grown in Murcia, region in which the team is located.

Sierra Leone Football Association, Sierra Leone

It’s okay that the flag of the country has blue and green colors, and the coat of arms presents big cats, but mixing it all in a shirt is just too much information. That was the proposal of the 2011 uniform, and it did not work very well, no.

Club Athletic Rosario Central, Argentina

Does anyone else, apart from the Rosario fans, understand what this man does in his shirt?

Reggina Calcio, Italy

If you’re a bit chubby, but would like to roam around the stadium displaying a little tummy, your troubles are over! Look at the outfit used in 2012 by the Reggina players! Quite frankly…

Recreativo de Huelva, Spain

So… Is there any explanation for sending the players to the field wearing a red shirt covered with white balls? Launched in 2012, perhaps the intention was to distract the opponents or, perhaps, it was some form of punishment…

Manchester United, England

What about 1992? Does not it look like it’s melting?