Dan D’ Agostino Momentum Preamplifier in the Test

When to adjust volume the momentum stage the pointer instrument only reaches 100. As regards the sound, is a no brainer this brand for Dan D ‘ Agostinos recent breeding, however…

Unquestionably a great honor! Antaak’s former Chief developer, who now runs his own company in Connecticut, did not take it. After the successful test of its stereo power amplifier momentum, he rose now on the plane himself to introduce his latest creation in the Stuttgart-based editorial.

Now sat so one of the most famous amplifier Popes in this Galaxy there to with a good fatherly smile to refuse to enter too specifically on the technique of its precursor. The idea, the little gröblicheren and possibly outsource with stray fields sauigelnden power supply components in a solid aluminum shoe scraper (or a device platform), already came from his wife. And – complicated, complicated: when the volume control works not with potentiometer-game stuff, but with a Relay Bank and precision resistors , he had already help a young programmer. Really not so easy to calculate complex resistance values, so that with A + B or B + C + F or… and so on summa Summarum is a hearing just Logarithmic damping characteristics . And also in the fair area with small one, and regulates in the quieter – where it is no longer up – with increasingly larger step. And finally Dan would mean not D’Agostino, would this complex control machinations non tutti completti electrically isolated separately from run via opto-couplers from the signal path.

So what? In comparison to the effort, Agostino in the following drives, this electronics such as a craft kit of Conrad appears.


“Touch it”, the master suddenly forgets his jet-lag, and shows a Multiple ball-bearing stainless steel cubethat rotates around a posh meter on the volume control. Really wonderful, as the finely serrated knurled ring flatters your fingers – a torpedo Blender of an example has had at most times to use a so impressive control valve. But then it breaks out from D’Agostino: he have need to ski right down almost all U.S. States by Pontius Pilatus, from Alabama to Wyoming, to find an Precision operation , such parts with the necessary precision turning, bend, pull and Polish can. Exactly the same applies for the case, more precisely tailored to fit each other blocks of aluminium and copper, which precisely can enough from the full milling hardly anyone.

D’Agostino pushes this effort for two reasons: firstly, for the precursor to his stereo power amplifier and to the Mono blocks to fit. And secondly, so that the components in the Interior feel more secure as in a Swiss Vault – well protected against magnetic stray fields, dangerous heights gamma radiation and social envy whatsoever.


Logical way here only the finest of the finest, and it gathered only twice for right and for links, but again twice for the balanced positive and negative poles. Pro source to the option relay so just four works, because the momentum run course only balanced inputs with elegant XLR Kontakters in the metal housing. And so complex the level position anyway already appears, she works in the momentum just four times. Finally D’Agostino broke off formal one, to design the push-pull amplifier stages naturally so free of distortion that they do without the questionable correction of a feedback (which leads to small but inharmonic artifacts). Voila, in the momentum a whole gang of four such rightly calls itself again with.

So D’Agostino strives to preserve their naturalness of musical, so he doesn’t trust this or that recording it. There are some, there’s obviously lacks bass, others, the engineer probably had his black heights day.

So the momentum – in four copies – again brings the good old tone controls . This should not wurmen but the purists. First were frequency response of using individual components matched composed filters more accurately than ever before on the most common accidents of the concert hall. The second warns the lighting one less dBSkala at the cute buttons accidental activation. Third, the filters can be completely shut out of the signal path.

In any case, the momentum is a kind of highway, which fits seamlessly into symmetrical connection ways and never interrupts them. First, the notion that she unmoved forwards common mode interferences, raises frown. And after closer consideration a smoothing. In a full symmetric (!) High-end chain, wants to please participate in the a momentum, takes the final common mode rejection anyway until right at the end instead. In this luxurious case that delete to date captured interference only boxes Terminal (by in the same polarity direction convulsing tensions null evaluate to the difference) in a favorable overall Aufwasch out.

Hearing test

In the listening room’s not even needed the big momentum balanced power amplifier, to recognize the benefits of this principle. Already the Sugden monoblocks MPA 4 for 9,400 euros, ranged’s to recognize that d ‘ Agostinos preamplifier plays in an almost unearthly. Usually leave even the best of the best precursors nor recognize any characteristic peculiarities. So a still fantastic, but now in the days of cello Encore practises proportions, height and width perfectly in perfection, in the play. Only that they top out just a tiny tick krätzelt. Other presentable precursors resolve is by no means trivial and umgehbares not even by a passive adapter through a gentle rounding and possibly a discreet overemphasis on the bass and dynamics.

Not so the momentum. She leaves things in a stupendous sublime way just like flow and weigh and grow, how she created the musicians. No, don’t worry, she says to the violin, I don’t remember to scratch your paint I am up in the airy maned horse hair of bows neither too little nor too much Kollophonium.

The piano runs of a Brad Mehldau beat their antics in one to hitherto unheard-of freedom, the momentum proved precursor especially for the voice playback of luck. Gosh, a Vienna Teng can sing even once without the slightest wrong tongue. And view ‘ a to a still more vital, resolute Ulita Knaus occurs via momentum pre. So: Who already feels at the High End Zenith that should emerge from dans new prepress let: life can be even more beautiful!