Danger of Rucksacks or Heavy Backpacks

Do you know the danger of backpacks or heavy backpacks? Many children love picking their backpacks and apparently there is no problem in that. The vast majority choose wheeled, but parents should pay attention to backpacks with wheels, as physiotherapists and ergonomists claim that these backpacks with wheels and full of compartments and pockets can pose a risk to the health of children, affecting their spine and musculature.

Danger Of Rucksacks Or Heavy Backpacks

We separate some tips for you to understand and avoid the danger of backpacks or heavy backpacks. One of the problems would be that the children end up only forcing one side of the body, which impairs the posture. In addition, the structures of these backpacks, most of them made of metal, make them too heavy. When going up and down stairs you have to make an effort, which for a child would be inadequate.

Expert Tip

According to Mackenzie Susi Fernandes physiotherapy teacher, the right way to carry the backpack is: with both hands behind the body, in this way the weight will be distributed. When climbing the stairs, the backpack should be placed on the back, as if it were a conventional suitcase. Parents should also check what the children carry in their backpack to control their weight.
The child should not carry a very heavy backpack. A city law of 2002 states that the weight of the backpack can not exceed 10% of the child’s weight.

In Practice

Help your child see what it really takes to get to school. If necessary, talk to the school about the amount of books that should be taken or ask for lockers at school.

According to physiotherapist Yeda Bellia, as the child is in the developmental stage, she should not do too much tension in isolated parts of the body, so that there is no change in growth.

How To Choose A Backpack

The rucksacks of fine or rubberized tarpaulins are suitable as the material is lighter for children. According to experts the ideal is to carry the material next to the body and symmetrically. The two-strap backpacks that have an abdominal belt are well suited as they give stability.

Another nice tip is to feel the material and evaluate the total weight that the child will carry. It is also worth noting that the child does not take much care of the material and the backpack and the better the material, the longer it can last. Watch out for sharp or aluminum handles, as the child may get hurt. And remember: Too heavy backpack can result not only in pain, but also in postural changes, such as chronic low back pain (spinal pain), scoliosis (lateral deviation of the spine) and hyperkinesis (hump).

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