Decorate and Organize Your Small Bathroom

Learn how to take advantage of small bathrooms and full of character

Nowadays it is common for houses and apartments have small bathrooms. Despite the reduced size, they can be filled features. Bet on decorative items and organization and add charm to your home. For this, it is worth thinking about colors, textures and finishes. Look for solutions that bring convenience and always consider the number of residents.


Choose Colors for Small Bathroom

White, light gray, pastel shades like nude or rose are good suggestions for small bathrooms, since they contribute to the feeling of spaciousness (looking larger than it is) and cleaning. To break the monotony, elect a decorative element of strong color contrast to make the most fun atmosphere. How about a flower vase, a frame or even a liquid soap door to the sink? Be creative!

Take advantage of the furniture to organize

The tops and bathroom for countertops are good options to enjoy the space near the sink. Besides being decorative, the tops are installed directly on the wall. The parts available in dishes or ceramic and have widths of 60 cm to 90 cm.

The bench accommodates the tub and may or may not be on the case. The tanks can be in support of embedding of overlap or sinks and washbasins. In either case, it has great aesthetic value and fills your bathroom style. Available in materials like wood, stone, acrylic, resin, glass or crockery and in varied colors, is suitable for tanks of support, for pressing and shaped.

Bet on bathroom shelves to facilitate the organization of clean towels, cosmetics, accessories and personal care items.

The modular cabinets are also great allies of convenience, housing products wired or more sensitive to moisture. There are models in all sizes, materials and finishes.

Another cool and decorative alternative is the bathroom stands, perfect for makeup and cosmetics everyday, that are at hand. The hair dryer and flat iron can catch a ride!

Remember the Lighting

Bathrooms small, as any wet environment, need windows so that air can circulate and renew. Leave it open during the day and enjoy natural light. When choosing a lamp, give preference to the white light, which make the room look wider, and LED, which are more economical.

Mirror, Mirror

Of course, a stylish bathroom needs an  up. Functional, it can be equipped with storage compartment for brush and toothpaste, razor and other personal hygiene items. If this is the location chosen for the makeup, you still need to have a good light. In this case, opt for models equipped with a lamp.

Here you find the best ideas and offers to decorate your bathroom. With the experience of our advisors, you will choose the best options for your family.