Decorating A Room Escape With Vinyl

Just a year ago very few people had heard of Room Escapes in Spain. Yes in big cities like Barcelona or Madrid, but hardly in other smaller cities.

And today a lot of people are fond of escape rooms throughout  the country. It is a truly fun, entertaining activity that is a challenge of logic and intuition for all participants.

We have already tried several and found that we visited each is different in its settings, decor, etc difficulty level. But all of them have in common the tremendous commitment of their owners and owners, who have opted for a new and surprising format that for the moment is proving to be the most promising.

Talking with the owners of the Room Escape spreads the emotion of opening a first business and wanting to do their best. It is also logical to have to tighten the belt in the early stages to ensure the viability of the business in the long term, so we want to write this article to give you the decorative vinyl as a very appropriate option for the Room Escape. So much for the ambiance of the game rooms, which also always turns out to be very detailed with real decorative elements, but perhaps for common areas, company logos, signage, shop windows etc.

In the game rooms, decorative vinyl can also be used for the same purposes or even for numbers on vinyl, walls with simulated vinyl paint (it is very fast to place a vinyl that simulates something written on a wall and will always look good ) etc.

In signage, to mark with vinyl the doors of access to bathrooms, exits… can be very useful. And it can also be ideal in the form of phrases, which can be customized in color, text, fonts, size etc. Placed anywhere in your Room Escape. As the themes of these are so varied, going from mystery to terror, through historical contexts the options are multiple and really interesting.

Another very interesting option is to decorate entire walls of the escape rooms with personalized photomures in which you can send us the photograph you want (or select it from online catalogs like and quickly have the image mounted on the wall you want. This option is perfect for backgrounds of the photocall of escape rooms, along with a logo of the same integrated.

You can see that the possibilities of the wall vinyl to decorate Room Escape are very diverse, turning out to be the vinyl an economic material and very simple to place. In the meantime, we will continue to have fun with the myriad options available right now in Spain. And those that will come! Congratulations and thanks for your work in the Escape Rooms!