Decorating Tips That Help Their Children Organize And Store Toys

The text today, with tips that help their children organize and store toys, Fabiana Visacro’s, psychologist and designer, specializing in interior design, which has collaborated with the blog before giving decorating tips to stimulate children’s autonomy.

Check out and see what you can do to make this task the Organization more fun and enjoyable.

Decorating tips that help their children organize and store toys

Let your kids spill over creativity and live a playful world that do develop all fertile potential of their little heads is fantastic for their growth. A healthy childhood is pervaded by a lot of game and toys.For some mothers, the task of tidying and organizing the room after a little adventure can be a nightmare. But something very important that they should learn early on is that joke is not synonymous with mess and that the Organization should always join the circle. Keep and keep the children’s toys organized may seem an impossible mission, when the space is small and there are so many objects. So I’m going to give gold tips to keep everything in order.

A tip I always give parents is to plan a corner to play. The reference that there must be space to house all helps little to know where to put what. To form this space, abuse of containers and shelves. On the higher shelves, put the decorative piece or items that the child does not use often. Already within the reach of children, in low shelves, put everything they will always want to play all day. transparent boxes are also great! They optimize the space and can setorizar the storage of objects as well as leaving the toys in sight of children and facilitate time of them find what they want to play. It is important to unify colors and formats to make uniform decoration. Another tip is, if the room is small, take advantage of the space using hooks. Install some hooks on the wall and hang small buckets to store pencils, offal, among other remote control toys featured on sciencedict.

The intention is that the decor allows your son start the game knowing that the toys are within reach of him, but that the first rule is that he must put everything back into place. Let him have fun and participate in that moment when you can. More than fun, these activities promote important skills, how to sharpen your senses, contribute to the social and cultural training, besides being the easiest way to teach them to respect the rules and the next. It is important that children are involved in the Organization, so they see how important it is to let the toys tidy and become more aware.

The sooner the habit of organization is entered on your son’s routine, the better the your development during childhood and into adulthood.