Decoration Full Of Life In Barcelona

Mix and color in a house in Barcelona

Decoration Full Of Life In Barcelona

A house full of life, a mixture of styles and color in Barcelona

The house I bring you today is not for everyone. Some will come out inspired and some will come out bald fright, I know, but I am one of the inspired and I want to take the risk.

The owner of this house is Mireia Ruiz, half of the creative studio Cocolia. Mireia has great talent.His stamp of identity are these motifs and patterns of colors so noventeros that has throughout his house:
Things to copy from the decoration of this house

Little but a lot

This house is not full of things, rather it is decorated with few pieces. But what pieces. I get more attracted to the idea of decorating with few things but that each of these things is absolutely perfect.

The house in general has a superfine and modern look, but if you look there is a lot of mix: the antique bedside table with gold leaf, windsor chair, vintage pottery, Ikea furniture, crazy colors everywhere.. The mixture makes the result more interesting, mature and deep.

If you are the one that keeps the hairs on your head, you can see more photos in AD Spain.

What inspired me about this house is the use of those graphic prints. It is something that I love and awakens something inside.
That kind of very graphic and a little crazy prints I used in mydiy photo frames and my diy blanket with tassels . In addition this house is full of very graphic prints but in black and white, which is another look that flip me.

What do you say, does it inspire or scare you?
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