DIY: Mother-Daughter Bracelet with Semi-Precious Stones

If you are looking for a birthday present for your mum, or simply want to say: “Hey, I’m thinking of you” – for whom I have a beautiful self-care today. Create a delicate bracelet of faceted halibut stones for you and your mom. So the other is always with you. I came to the idea because both my mom and I appreciate filigrees, colorful jewelry very much.

You need it (eg from

  • 1x strand with semi-precious stones, eg amethyst, carnelian, citrine, peridot, iolite, garnet, spindell
  • 2x silver plated locks
  • Jewelery wire in the thickness 0.38 mm
  • silver plated beaded beads
  • silver plated knotter
  • Since my mommy and I have very narrow wrists, a strand, which I shared in the middle, is enough for us, in the end even some pearls remain
  • Thread a squeeze bead on a piece of jewelery wire about 25 cm long, then pull the desired end of the wire through the squeeze bead, pull the wire tightly around the closure, and flatten the squeeze bead with a pointed plier
  • Disconnect the protruding end of the wire and place a knotter on the crimping bead
  • Now you can thread your beads on the jewelery wire
  • Checked on before you attach the counterpart of the closure in the same way, whether the length of the bracelet fits/Considering that the bracelet will be slightly longer by the closure – done! Great DIY instructions are also available by the way at Zalando.