Diy Tutorial: Denim Festival Fashion

Summer time is festival time! Cool music, sunny weather, time with friends and just celebrate yourself and life.During the summer months, music aficionados get their money’s worth at numerous open air festivals.

The right outfit can not be missing. With Denim, you can do everything right this summer, because the jeans style is totally hip. TOPB2BWEBSITES recently showed you in the first part of our Denim DIY tutorial that the conversion of the usual jeans or the jeans skirt to the individual summer style is quite simple. Just in time for the festival season, our fashion bloggers Lisa and Hanna tell you in the second part how you can turn your jeans jeans shorts and dungarees into the ultimate festival look.

#1 Jeans Shorts With Ethno Pattern

Festivals always reflect a relaxed and informal atmosphere for me, which does not need to wear a perfect hairstyle and radiantly clean shoes. That’s why I realized quickly that I would pimp my jeans shorts easily with a little textile paint and brush firmly. Just quite unconventional. It really needs only a few utensils and goes very quickly.

What You Need:


Jeans Shorts

textile Color



Step 1: Apply Paint

Take the short to your hand and paint it according to your ideas with the textile color. As a small tip, I would advise you to paint a second time after the dried first layer of paint over your decorations. This enhances the opacity and also the durability of the color. You will find information on drying time and washing machine suitability on the packaging of the textile color. Ethno patterns are an absolute festival-must-have, we know for quite some time and that’s why I chose it as a motive. In the color selection I have put on simple white, since the shorts can be combined so versatile and with accessories always new accents and looks can be created.

Step 2: Adjust The Leg Length

Actually, you are ready after this step. Since my shorts personally was too long for me, I changed them along the bottom seam twice.Of course you can do this if you like the pants slightly shorter. If you want to avoid the risk that your shorts need to be re-carded after each wash, I recommend you just fix the punch with a little textile glue and you are already going to solve this problem.

My personal festival look is always a bit minimalistic, because I find it simply annoying to have to adjust continuously non-seated floral wreaths and even high-laced Roman sandals rub and slide with time. Nice to see I find flowers and straps on others, of course. Be that as it may, in my outfit I have put on a simple white top with cut-out details and matching white-black espadrilles and a small shoulder bag.

Nevertheless, I did not want to completely dispense with color, which is why I have put a lot of bracelets, chains and feather earrings highlights. And so my look is already complete. Well, the sunglasses are missing in the pictures unfortunately, but she was safely stowed in my pocket. 😉 I hope that I could make you want for the summer and you enjoy this year’s festival season to the fullest.

Liebst, Lisa of AshBlonde

#2 Dungarees In The Hippie Style

A part, which this year really should be missing in anyone in the wardrobe, is definitely the dungarees!Whether it is short or long, light or dark, everyone needs a variation! But precisely because it is such a must-have, you run the risk that somehow all look the same and your own piece is nothing special anymore.Therefore, I show you how you can customize your dungarees individually and unmistakably.

I decided not to cut my pants or make holes with holes, and only sewed things. I can cut them off at any time if they do not like me any more and I can lend the dungarees a new and unique design.

What you need


needle and thread


artificial flowers


Step 1: Sew On Lace Bands

In the first step, I used a needle and a thread to fit the width of the hosier straps. This does not take long and looks super sweet. If tip is not so good, there are of course other possibilities, like colorful ribbons or a nice pattern with colorful thread. If you are planning to leave the lace band permanently on the dungarees and have a sewing machine at your disposal, this is of course a good alternative to needle and thread.

Step 2: Apply Artificial Flowers

In the second step, I took a piece of lace again and covered it with artificial flowers. For this purpose, she simply separates the heads from the stem with a pair of scissors and then glues them with a second adhesive.But be careful! The band I then so to speak as a belt replacement on the dungarees sewn. Here, too, you can of course follow your taste. Since dungarees are especially suitable for festivals, a braided belt made of leather straps with feathers would be very appropriate, if tip and flowers are too playful.

Step 3: Roll Up Your Legs

In principle, you are already finished, I have only rolled up the legs, because I like the personally better. I combined the dungarees for the photos quite simply with a white T-shirt. For a festival, for example, it may be a bit more crazy and colorful. Have fun designing your very own dungarees!

Your Hanna by irresolutely

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