Do We Go Bridge and Don’t Know What to Wear? Let’s See What The Firms Offer Us Low Cost

This bridge approaching of safe may many of you aprovecharéis them for travel and pasted a pre-vacacional tribute to take the fateful month of June with many strengths and desires, which is difficult for everyone. I don’t know as it will be in Spain, but certainly in the Czech Republic, which is from where I am writing, time we will follow until the end of the same.

And of course, good time, previous months laden with rain and cold waves… What we get to go to the fashionable, classy, elegant and over does not leave us the future wages of summer in this? Because we see that he says our Council of elders street-stylers with respect to low-cost firms (and not such low-cost).

Philip F is clear, the bet by a blazer color ash of H & M, a few skinny you can do with them in most of the stores low cost of this our world (Zara, H & M, white…), colors and cut skinny, some brand shoes Church’s and of course, the final detail makes it RayBan with its Clubmuster Sunnies.

Christoph S from Munich prefers a more colorful navy for this weekend. Grim reaper-style navy in electric blue of American Appareal, t-shirt navy striped in red body of Zara, dessert boots in black color of H & M and the brand skinny jeans Acne Jeans.

Billy H however prefer to take advantage of their denim with trousers in burgundy color of ASOs, very flattering and straight-cut, which combines with this vintage finish of the signature denim shirt Lacoste. The result is a look that is modern, fresh, and full of personality.

Mikko from Helsinki has chosen a shirt with wrinkle on Burgundy’s H & M, to combine with the same signature boots in color cognac and corduroy trousers size skinny’s H & M also.

But enough of styles preppys and casual and come to some more urban and leather as offering us Hamza E. Chaqueta leather with metallic appliques of Bershka, t-shirt boat neck style navy of Zara and washed pants with gradient color of Pull & Bear With what all you stay?