Do you want a cheap iPhone without subscription?

The iPhone is probably one of the best and most popular mobiles, both in Denmark and globally. But did you know that there are cheaper and smarter ways to obtain an iPhone without subscription on

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Some of the most popular on our pages, and something most of you have searched on is ‘ cheap iPhone “. That is why we want to write a little about the way in which one can buy an iPhone at a lower price.

Factory refurbished iPhone – What does it mean?

When an iPhone has been factory refurbished, it means that it has been thoroughly tested and cleaned. If it was necessary to replace one or more parts, it was made with original parts from Apple, and on an authorized repairer. All factory refurbished iPhone sold wrapped with original accessories, and you’ll get 6-month warranty and 2-year warranty.

What about the 6-month warranty and 2-year warranty?

If you have purchased a factory refurbished iPhone with us, you get 6-month warranty. There are only a few exceptions. Once your iPhone has been physically damaged or if you have lost it in the water. 2-year warranty means you have the opportunity to prove that the bug has with the iPhone or with a spare part to do. We accept all reasonable complaints.

If you want to buy an iPhone without subscription at the best possible price, it pays to order a factory refurbished model. Then you can buy a factory refurbished iPhone at a price which is even lower than the cost of a “normal” iPhone, which we already offer at a competitive price. On our pages you will find factory refurbished iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and 5 c at unbeatable prices.

P.s. There you can also check out other non-factory refurbished models – including the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. 😉