Dresses Plus Size Models to Chubs

Some chubby women are truly passionate about dresses, but still make some mistakes when choosing the ideal for many different occasions. How about then learn some tips that will make you roll with a visual fashion, style and full of charm? We will teach you how to choose the best plus size dress for you! Check it.

Dresses Tips: Colors Ideals

This concept is completely outdated despite being, in a sense, true. In fact the darker shades decrease your silhouette, but that does not mean you should prioritize such tones when choosing your dress.

The color indicates a lot on your mood, the season and we are mainly the curves you want to show or give that

Dresses Plus Size Models to Chubs

disguised slightly. The rule for choosing the right color for your dress is very simple: you should use the colors that draw the most attention exactly where you want to highlight. As a result, those parts of your body that you want to leave more inhibited, prioritize other shades. Of course, always remember to make a beautiful harmony to be always beautiful.

Dresses Models: White Dress Can?

Forget this conversation that chubby can not wear white dress because it marks the body too!

Yes you can, leave beautiful in a beautiful white dress and will certainly win many compliments for it. The secret is in the model and type of fabric you will choose for your piece. In fact the white clothes more detail the body and if you are one of those chubby which has very hip, very butt, too much thigh tissue should avoid more glued to your silhouette.

A piece with good fit is ideal. Give preference will dresses with heavier fabrics like denim, crepe, cotton and others who have a straighter trim. It’s perfect. As these tissues quoted do not match very well with the warmer seasons, in the summer you can already bet on mesh parts provided they have an ideal fit and nothing to get too fair.

Wedding Party Plus Size

Every chubby has gone through some moments of grip when it was choosing dresses for party. First, because not all models favor their curves and second, because most rental shops of clothes does not prioritize this public. So nothing be complaining that the corners do not have a crush dress for graduation, for the wedding of friend or any other occasion to ask a more elaborate production! There are models that you can choose and fall very well for you, just find the right part!

The best option for you will always be the long dresses or midi and more tissue fluid, as will a more perfect fit and you can bet without fear in any color. Remember what we said above about choosing the right color? In this case you are more quiet because these fabrics do not mark your body or leave any disproportionate region.

Choose from hoticle dresses with sleeves or sleeveless much depends on the personal taste of each chubby and also the model of your dresses. Kind pieces that hopefully-fall is not indicated in these cases, especially if you have large breasts. If you want to even risk a part in this modeling, watch out about the support not to get those fats from the left side, which would end her look.

And Who Said Estampa Not Cmbines?

You heard a lot that is not true? To say that a chubby cannot use prints is as old as saying you can not wear stripes horizontally. You can use and abuse the prints, even they are beautiful in “women GG”. Yes you can, but should know choosing the right pattern for your body. Not sure how? We teach!

There are some tricks you should know not to make mistakes when choosing the right print dress. Dresses with base in dark colors fall much better than the other colored bases. Because? When you use a print dress, he already draws attention naturally. Choosing the background in darker colors, you will discreetly more curves to your body and make the result more harmonious appearance.

Avoid ruffles, embroidery, excess buttons, cutouts with folds, bonds or any other details that give more volume to your body. The idea to use a print summer dress is let your body as clean as possible. If you want to bet on a vest, blazer, jacket or any other overlay can do without fear because it combines perfectly.

Horizontal Stripes: Big Dilemma

While we’re higher up on this question, we understand exactly how it works. Chubs can instead use horizontal stripes, since they know to do this! In fact they further enhance the silhouette, but in fashion everything is allowed as long as you know to do the right combination and of course have moderation.

The rule you should adopt is then directed to the width of the stripes of her dress. Wider stripes enhance your silhouette and finer stripes reduce it. So always remember this detail, you do not need to be just drooling for that striped dress you saw in the window! Buy it and get out beautiful there!