Dressing Gowns Will Enhance Any Ballroom-Elegant And Unique

Who Am I?

May I introduce: the abball dress. Diversity is my top priority! I want to be perfect all around and always reinterpreted.

You can not put me in a drawer-as many characters as I have no other dress. Anyone who is involved with me will experience a fantastic, unique evening.

For the playful I like to sit with lace and ruffles-that looks feminine and at the same time elegant.Of course I can also offer the classical style: Etui- and Cocktailkleid also belong to my repertoire.Always gladly seen I am at the Abiball as a floorball dress. It does not matter which figure my wearer has. I adapt perfectly to every figure. With all freedom in the design I prefer in any case light fabrics such as silk, satin, tulle, lace, organza or taffeta. Because I am too heavy, dancing and celebrating with me is no fun.

What Makes Me Radiate?

It all depends on the type. Tall-grown women prefer me in the long ball dress variation. On small women, I prefer to look as a short cocktail or dress-gown. Whether I’m back-free or with straps, a classic round neckline or an extravagant waterfall collar, I leave it to the taste of my wearer. However, what I do not want to miss in any performance are perfectly matching my style. Golden, silver-colored or brightly colored chains, rings, bracelets or earrings make me particularly radiate. And finally, color-matching shoes are a must-have for me.

What Am I Typical Of?

Abiballkleider like me pursue only one claim: uniqueness. With me, every woman on her abiball feels special. I simultaneously sparkle and glamor. No matter for which of my numerous characters my carrier decides-the attention of the other guests is certain. I help with a bulky, wide cut smaller problem zones to conceal. If you prefer a dress with seductive and feminine charm, you can score with my close-cut colleagues.

What Are My Favorite Colors?

Due to the occasion, I like to show myself as a casual dress in cheerful, colorful colors. Especially pastel shades like light green, light blue or apricot are among my favorites and underline my festive, summery character. Of course, I also adjust to the preferences of my wearer. Decorated with sequins, jewels or polka dots, I feel very comfortable. If you want to be the center of attention, do not hesitate to wear a black or white dress-because you are finally going to the abball and not to a mourning or wedding. If you do not come out without black and white, please do me a favor and put a few colored girlfriends like pumps, jewelry or stoles aside. Then I feel better.

What Is Special About Me?

In color, shape and size I am not fixed. My only condition: Take me to the abball!