ECO Friendly Reusable Water Bottles

Gobi has become THE benchmark of the customizable gourds on the market.

Sustainable, practical, economic and ecological, here is the strong arguments of the ecological flask Gobi! In addition to be manufactured in France, Gobi is customizable: 12 colors are available and the tag (the colored base of the Gobi) stands to be able to insert a picture, an image, or the Visual of your choice!

The goal of the founders of this reusable water bottle (see was to promote the consumption of tap water rather than bottled water plastic.
Gobi is a reusable bottle adapted at the office, home and travel. An innovative for the daily product.
-It is transparent because it is important to see the water, it is reassuring
-It weighs less than 120 grams and is 21 cm in height, for a capacity of 40 cl. You can take it anywhere!
-the neck is simple and a bit wide, easy to drink, to fill and clean
-It has a customization system that allows to recognize its Gobi among hundreds (at the office, at school, etc.)
-It has a small Cove to hold or hang it on a bag
Gobi is green:

The Gobi has respected the deco-design criteria. Made in France, the Green gourd Gobi wants to contribute to waste prevention policy conducted by the ADEME (environment and energy control agency). Gobi has the ambition to propose and to accompany a change in mode of consumption of water.
This reusable bottle was designed with a specialist sociologist of consumer behaviors. Design and customization system respond to the expectations of consumers. Gobi is easy to use, easy maintenance and recognizable among the others thanks to his customisation system.

Gobi is economic:
Drinking water out of home generates the waste and cost:
-70 bottles small formats / person / year = 1.5 kg of waste = €100
-650 cups / employee / year = 2.6 kg of waste = €15

Materials used:
The body of the Gobi is Tritan, BPA free, reusable material safely for many years.
Maintenance of the Gobi:

It can be washed in the machine.
Shipping time: 48 hours