Eco-Lux 161 Bi-Volt Headlamp Rechargeable Flashlight

Eco-Lux 8+1 LED Flashlight-ECO161-Head-Rechargeable 

– Attractive new design with high gloss

– Convenient to use on the head.

– Suitable for working, studying, camping, fishing at night or lack of energy

– Unique color: all black body

– The battery has capacity to recharge more than 250 times,

– Maximum light reach: 150 meters and with excellent light up to 15 meters away.

– Ecologically correct

– High capacity battery rated above 1300mA

– The LED bulb has energy advantage with low consumption, high power and excellent durability

– Brightness intensity adjustment of light: consisting of 8+1 LED bulbs

With low energy consumption and can be used for 7 to 15 continuous hours (with full load);

Rechargeable flashlights in 110 or 220V (bi-volt) (Does not use batteries)

– 3-stage switch:
a) Off
b) On in the first stage a large central led will light
c) On in the second stage another 8 small leds

– Total recharge in 10 hours (maximum time to recharge 20 hours)

– Approximate dimensions:
1) Reflector: 6.3 cm. diameter
2) Flashlight height: 7.5cm
4) Width: 8.3cm
5) Depth: 7.8cm
6) Weight: 225 grams

– Used on head has 90 degree adjustment to reach different angles

– It comes with power cord (to charge the power outlet) with a standard