Elegant And Seductive: Satin Evening Dress

From head to toe set to glamor: the new evening gown made of satin is made with noble shine and soft flowing fabric quality as for modern divan looks.

In addition to classical interpretations of the fine fabric, extravagant color shades, modern cuts and refined material combinations are the key to this season. Just as effective as refined accents, satin is used as an insert on clothes, tops or also as a glossy veneer on sleeve cuffs, collars and décolletés. Satin is making a comeback and is a competition of the newly discovered velvet, but not only in the form of elegant looks for the evening. Blouse, skirt or dress: Satinglanz makes an evening outfit a glamor robe.

What Makes Satin?

Satin is produced in an Atlas-binding, giving the typical, very glossy, smooth upper side with matt underside. Usually satin is woven from viscose or polyester fibers; Silk satin is the even nobler but also more costly variant.

Shining Prospects: Evening Dress And More In Satin

Whether as a discreetly used glittering piece or in a glamorous complete look: evening satin is an excellent opportunity to score with fashionable extravagance and femininity.

In the evening or in the job: A satin placket sets elegant accents, both in classic colors such as black or dark blue as well as in fashionable nuances such as berry tones, petrol or pastel.Narrow trouser cuts with shortened leg are currently particularly popular.

Combined with a simple top and matching shoes, a satin suit creates a fashionable base for an impressive appearance both during the day and in the evening. In the business area, masculine accents such as a high-necked shirt blouse as well as flat laced shoes can be an exciting contrast to the elegance of the material. In the evening, with high heels and eye-catching jewelry can be deeply seized in the glamor trick box.

A satin blazer can be combined with both evening and leisure looks . More sporty and fashionable are the new bomber and blouson jackets made of satin: their fine gloss is in beautiful contrast to sporty cuts and functional features. They give feminine dresses edge and can be combined wonderfully in everyday life, for example with narrow sweaters or delicate blouses.

If you like it a bit rockier in the evening, you can use a satin blouse as an alternative to the leather jacket.
Uncomplicated and extremely versatile, satin blouses can be styled: to the wide Marlene or cloth trousers they fit as well as to the figurbetonten Pencilskirt or as a conscious break to casual jeans. A dark trousers and flat lacing give a masculine blouse of almost masculine features.

For jeans, a white satin blouse looks nice fresh, while a strict business look with an anzuchose or slit costume skirt makes you look softer and more feminine. Besides plain-colored blouses, now also patterned satin blouses have their great appearance. Thanks to the special material texture, small-part as well as flatter fabrics are particularly effective. Due to the combination of eye-catching patterns and special material, the rest of the outfit should be kept discreet.

Not only classic satin socks come out big now. Noble and super combinable are also satin skirts in hip mid-length-particularly sexy, for example with leg slit or in asymmetrical form. Both classic companions such as the white blouse and the desired contrasting styling contrasts from the casual or sportswear sector fit perfectly. Even with shoes, the effect of a satin skirt or dress can be individually controlled: high heels enhance feminine looks, sporty or preppy contrasts, on the other hand, use sneakers or slippers.

As versatile as skirts can be styled trousers made of satin. So that under the fine material nothing is visible, it is recommended to wear seamless laundry or also special shapewear.
To our glossy favorites for the evening are of course satin dresses. Like no other piece of clothing, they match the exclusivity of the material with female forms.

Depending on taste and occasion, both unconventional and elegant dresses made of satin can be used in the evening. With a rocking leather jacket, a delicate satin dress in lingerie style is the perfect party companion. An elegant cocktail or dress-gown made of satin, for example, in combination with a refined lace and an expressive color, creates a sparkle with an elegant evening event or a romantic dinner.Noble jewelery and a color-harmonious clutch round off the evening ensemble.

Even delicate satin shirts in a lingerie style or flowing shirts in a body-shaping cut form are suitable for uncomplicated evening looks: they can be combined in a variety of ways and are less opulent than the satin complete look in the dress or suit. So they can be worn both in worn-out jeans and a fine skirt-depending on the dress code of the evening event.

To ensure that nothing is visible under the fine fabric, shaping underwear is also a good choice.It strengthens the body contours and creates a harmonious, smoothed appearance, so that little rolls or little pellets have no chance. Combined with a boyfriend blazer, the look looks fashionable and chic, while a leather jacket gives the whole a breath of fresh air.

With These Satin Looks, The Designers Of The International Fashionweeks Shone

Noble and seductive, satin is not just an evening gown. The shining fabric also makes a statement as a straight-forward shirt blouse dress or figural costume jacket with emphasized shoulders. Straight cut or even masculine cuts – such as the tuxedos – create a refined ambivalence and let the looks look sexy and ladylike at the same time.

At Dolce & Gabbana, satin appeared as a clean-fitting trousers suit, with sexy costume bonds by  Helmut Lang or Tom Ford  for Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche. Givenchy sent satin in the form of strapless cocktail dresses on the catwalk-so classic the cut, so extravagant the color choice. And at Calvin Klein we were met with the noble polish in noble black, for instance, as a high-necked dress with a long arm or a trousers suit, which, by the butter-softened nature of the material itself, appears to be “poured in oil”.

For Céline, Phoebe Philo showed that satin can also make an impression and pulls and drapes the noble material, which holds the stuff. The result is simple carrier dresses in classic feminine lines. Owing to the omission of Schnickschnack and the silky-shimmering surface structure of the satin, the dresses look strict and fluent at the same time.

As if satin in the entrance had not enough glamor, Alberta Ferretti adds to sumptuous lace at Satinglanz, which as a refined inserts allow subtle view, sometimes as decorative seam closures look. As a deeply declined evening dress in sinful red, satin feminine curves sweep without any decor, but no less exciting. And floral printed with mid-century designs, their satin creations get almost exotic vintage flair. Nicolas Ghesquière combines Louis Vuitton’s noble sating lance with griffy leather-clad looks in the motocross style of the 90s.

And JW Anderson showed narrow blouson jackets made of satin with a stand-up collar and zipper, which could easily be combined in everyday life.

After day and evening dresses made of satin have made a name for themselves in the winter season, we now have a bright spring. Flowing slipdresses and sporty bomber jackets from the silky-shimmering material already belong to the favorites of the new season-have you already found your new favorite piece of satin?