Elegant New Years Eve Plus Size Outfit Inspiration

If you are still looking for an elegant outfit for the new year, I recommend to take a look at this peplum dress friends! A timely delivery is perhaps even more possible with the express shipping…

I bought the ASOs curve Schößchen dress with lateral nodes decorating for an event in Düsseldorf, where I was at Dior to guest. On the day when I received the shipment with dozens of other clothes, even Theodora was flipper with me and so I put on a dress after another and introduced me to their judgment. While I have no great expectations of this dress, it has enraptured both of us!

The styling advice from NatureGnosis was the same as in the picture: plain and simple.


Peplum dresses there already, as my mom did her apprenticeship. At that time, how many young women bought also, like clothes – preferably costumes -. She looked great! Like I would have shown you a picture of it, but unfortunately I have no better at hand right now…

I remember how I super love watched my MOM as a little girl with make-up. Mama had a wooden casket in which she tucked her make-up utensils. If you opened it, you had a mirror before him, the man had not yet set up directly (why no longer there today such boxes?).

And every time, when it began to rustle in the wooden casket, my mom saw probably like a small dog with mega wedelndem tail next to me.
Watch Mama at the make-up? I like that until today. Anyway, I love my MOM to look at it. She is such a beautiful woman!

What I wanted, actually, is that my MOM already at a really young age (such as 17 / 18 years as above to see the image) has dressed very adult. It was on the one hand maybe the circumstances and the times in which she lived and grew up, but surely that that my Mama happy wearing elegant combinations – until today. She has always a dollop of color or a “shoddy” accessory that somewhat appeased the whole look, but her thing is definitely chic.

And although I do like something “silly” with fashion, most elegant Dressups in fashion magazines, blogs or books that pull me under her spell. Whether something like that is probably genetically inherited? Well, I think not… but influenced fashion of our mothers we certainly has – in some way;)

I actually still don’t know where I’m going to spend this year and whether it would be appropriate to to attract the dress again, but if you have before 2015 to be welcomed in an elegant outfit, then look of 🙂 friends just

I wish a happy new year friends ever heart in the new year!
Your PA