Elegantes Understatement–Armbanduhren Von Daniel Wellington

Understatement in the fashion area we had only last month here in the blog, when I showed you in my contribution “Understatement-Less is more” outfits, with which the statement “Less is more” actually applies and one sees that fashionable statements by Understatement can be set. However, this approach can also be applied to accessories, as I would like to show you today with the Daniel Wellington watch.

Because as you have already noticed, I have a great passion for wrist watches. A fact, which unfortunately can not be denied, because when I look through my shelf, I am always reminded. But that’s how it is, everyone has his little vices, one of my watches are just wristwatches. Therefore, it is not surprising that I constantly keep my eyes open for new specimens.

At the moment, I’ve been wearing minimalist watches, which are limited to the essentials and do not come to overcharge. With these, I have had the best experience in the past when it came to choosing the right watch for the right outfit. It does not have to be expensive watches, which enriches an outfit, also cheap wrist watches can convince. Here I would just like to mention my contribution to low budget watches for men.

However, I would like to introduce you today a wrist watch from the range below 200 euros, which has done me. You have already seen these in my contribution “ With this outfit I managed it to the Berlinale 2015…”, the Classic Sheffield in silver by Daniel Wellington. In today’s post, I would like to provide some facts, more photos and especially my impressions of the clock.

Daniel Wellington-The Company

As usual, I lose a few words about the company, but I think it is rather short, since I have not found any information on thecompany’s history, apart from the information on Daniel Wellington’s website . The company’s history began with a journey around half the world, where Filip Tysander, the later founder of Daniel Wellington, met a fascinating gentleman from the British Isles.

When Filip became acquainted with this, he was fascinated by how relaxed and modest he was and how much he liked his watches with their old weathered natobands. Daniel Wellington, who became a good friend of Filip, was also different.

Filip Tysander was inspired by the many stories of Wellington and his performance. And it is precisely this flawless, modest appearance that he has introduced into his first watch collection, which has appropriately received the name Daniel Wellington. I find it worthwhile to say that Filip has brought only one product on the market, which he liked himself. Something he could sell, which he could be proud of.

The result of this claim to itself is a watch that is thin, minimalistic and extremely simple. Depending on your taste, the watch comes with an elegant leather strap for official occasions and everyday business or with a colorful Natoband, which I think is quite good for leisure outfits. The case itself is available in gold or silver.

Classic Sheffield By Daniel Wellington

Regarding my visit to the Berlinale 2015 and the associated “Black tie-Event”, I also needed a discreet, yet elegant wristwatch, which fits into the outfit. I found this in my search in the online shop of Daniel Wellington , because there I met the Classic Sheffield for the first time.

I liked the extremely minimalist design and its simplicity. So the wristwatch comes with a 6mm thick case, which is held by a bracelet of deep black leather. In the case, I decided to choose a silver color, but you still have the option to select Rose Gold as an alternative.

A Japanese quartz movement works in the case of a 40mm diameter, the dial of the watch is ivory white. Just this combination of ivory white, silver and black makes the Classic Sheffield in my eyes a very stylish watch and therefore an ideal companion for official events like the Berlinale.

But this is not enough, because the wristbands of the Daniel Wellington watches are all interchangeable. So you can customize the look of your own watch every day. Today still an elegant leather bracelet, tomorrow a playful Natoband, just like one would like!

The tapes can be changed from the leather case to the natu- ral or vice versa using the included pin from the watch case. However, you do not always have to buy a new watch to exchange the tapes, the tapes are also available individually in the shop.

As with any other wristwatch with leather strap, this is still very stiff when worn for the first time and does not feel very comfortable. After a few times wear will be much better, however, the leather will be a lot more flexible and more easily adapts to the wrist. What I am after several times still positive is noticeable is the low strength of just 6mm of the case. As a result, the watch hardly weighs anything and is hardly felt on the wrist.

Now the Classic Sheffield is passed on with the black leather bracelet by me, but I am already playing with the idea, to me the one or the other bracelet to exchange. If you have questions about the clock, do not hesitate to put these in the comments, I will try to answer them as best as possible.