Emotion Tracking Wristband

Launched through Indiegogo campaign on Zenta is a connected wristband created by London startup Vinata. In addition to measuring the physical effort, it is also able to track the different emotions felt by the wearer.

Like most connected bracelets, the Zenta is equipped with sensors to measure the number of steps, the quality of sleep, heart activity, the temperature of the skin or the respiratory rate. However, this accessory is distinguished by its main objective: to follow user’s emotions to help amplify their welfare.

For example, Zenta will attempt to assess the wearer’s stress level based on its number of steps, or the happiness he feels burning calories. To do this, Vinaya has developed a platform capable of collecting data from the bracelet and other third party applications to establish an emotional profile of the user.

Over time, thanks to Machine Learning, the companion app will be able to indicate what activities bearer provide him negative emotions, stress or lead to the depression. Similarly, it may encourage them to practice the activities that bring him peace, well-being and self-esteem.

A decade of research

To achieve this project materialize, Vinaya has spent over a decade studying the relationship between emotions and biofeedback. She has worked with various institutions and universities, whose name has not been revealed yet.

With Zenta, the wearer will know in real time their emotional state, and examine its evolution over time. In the long term, Vinaya wishes his platform operates independently. Currently, the algorithms are tested by 5000 users to improve artificial intelligence and sensor accuracy.

Pricing and Availability

The Zenta will be delivered from March 2017. It will be compatible with iOS and Android. The bracelet itself is available in black silicone, black leather or gray leather. It sports a touch ceramic stone 9,8mm thick and 33.8 × 16 millimeters in diameter. The final model will be certified IP67, and autonomy will be 5 days. It can now be pre-ordered on Indiegogo for a price of 179 dollars instead of 249 dollars at the end of the campaign. This accessory will be presented to the public at the CES in January 2017, according to INsidewatch.net.