Enlightened Equipment-Revelation 850DT

As I have already written in my article about ultralight sleep systems, I have now come to the quilt. More specifically on the enLIGHTened equipment-Revelation 850DT. After a long research, I ended up with this quilt, because it combines everything I ask for from a quilt.

Enlightened Equipment-Revelation 850DT

The product range of enLIGHTened equipmenthas been completely revised this year. The Revelation product range has also undergone an extensive update. As can be seen in a out site, the old version still had square chambers with open corners. So you could distribute the down in the whole quilt.

The new 2014 version of the Revelation Quilt now has elongated chambers which extend from the head towards the foot end. So you can still decide if you need more down on the upper body or the legs.This feature is particularly useful when you use a thick down jacket at the same time. So you can shake a larger part of the down to the legs and is warmed on the upper body by the jacket. A flexible down distribution to the sides in my opinion is not so important with a quilt. For sleeping bags, this feature still made sense because you could shake the down or down. Since there is no bottom for a quilt, it is superfluous and the new design makes sense.

The small addition DT stands for DownTek. This is a provider of water repellent down. A trend that has now reached not only in clothing, but also affects almost all sleeping bag manufacturers and quilt manufacturers. I can not say much about the quality of this impregnation. Basically, however, I find the trend is not wrong. With this type of down treatment, one is faced with the greatest disadvantage of the down, because there is probably no greater horror scenario than clumped down in a cold environment. An impregnated down is not a guarantee that this case will not occur, but decreases the probability.

Refined Fastening System

Also new is the ingenious fastening system of the enLIGHTened equipment Quilts. On my Revelation 850DT there are 4 clips in the upper half. Two on each side. These clips can either be attached to two rubber bands, which hold the quilt on the body or use two other bands that have been attached to an insulation pad. If you use the second version, the quilt can not slip from the mat. Even the sleeper is thus no longer a danger in the morning next to the sleeping mat.

If you use a padded foam pad, you can attach the straps to the pad at the beginning of the tour and simply roll up with the mat. Thus one saves the daily re-adjustment.

Advantages Of Open Footbox

I have deliberately chosen the Revelation Quilt, as you can open the Footbox with a zipper and a few handgrips, so you have a wide and comfortable downstairs. The ceiling mode is an advantage for me, especially in warm weather, since you can adjust the temperature more easily.

In addition, a blanket can be moved around more easily in the cold and thus also provides me with additional heat in the store. With a few small modifications, I could also increase the performance of my down jacket by pulling the blanket down.

What Size Do I Need?

The quilts of EE can be configured extensively. In addition to various colors and materials for interior and exterior, there is the possibility to order the quilt in different sizes. In addition to the four different lengths, there are also four different widths which can be combined as desired.

Since I have a real all-rounder, my configuration is composed of Long / Wide. This combination allows me to use the quilt, which is designed to 30° F (about-1 °C), also far below the freezing point, by pulling thick insulation clothing in it. With a body size of 180cm I could have in the length also the regular. However, I can use the long version to stuff my electrical appliances and clothes in the footbox when it gets really cold. In the spring, I can pull my blankets over my head to keep them warm or protect me from the nervous sunlight that will pull me out of my sleep.


Low weight

Quilt: 525g (Revelation 850DT – 30° F – Long / Wide)

Packsack: 18g

Fixing tapes for camping mats: 16g

Elastic bands: 21g

Thoughtful down chambers

Fixing system for the mattress

Waterproof down

Also usable as an underquilt for Hammocks

Highly configurable

6 temperature ranges

4 lengths

4 widths

4 interior colors

8 outside colors

2 materials (10D and 20D)

Proper delivery

EnLIGHTened equipment-Revelation 850DT Quilt


storage bag

Fixing tape for the mattress

Elastic straps for closing the quilts without padding

Enlightened Equipment

EnLIGHTened equipment is a so-called cottage from the USA. All quilts are handmade and are produced locally in the USA. For this fact, I find the prices really more than fair and can be sure that the workers will not be exploited as it is partially in the Far East case. The processing of my quilts can be quite impressive, so I can definitely guess a purchase.

The founder and owner Tim Marshall is also happy to take a personal interest in the development of new prototypes. As first pictures on the Facebook page of EE show, it may be synonymous for next winter a comeback of the Cuben Quilts Epiphany.