EPIC ELAN 30 in Test

The MI series of epic is now called ELAN. As the epic makes ELAN 30 in its revised form, the test shows.

The British speaker wrought epic revised recently one of his boxen-series: the previously available MI series is now called “Elan”. Our panache 30 (available alternatively in oak black) equipped with a chic cherry wood veneer is the second-largest box of the series and they will strongly visually reminds in the footsteps of the now dissolved M16i – on the epic 5.

The special technical features such as amplifier Pope and since 1999, epic owner Michael used Creek at the former model, 30 in revised form are used also in the ELAN: still sits the tweeter behind a sound guide tab which is flush with the removable baffle. Acoustically, this blocky design should enable an uninterrupted sound propagation , which, it is hoped a balanced sound. EPIC delivers to equal two cover versions with each box: one without covering for a clear view of the driver, and one with fabric for a more discreet appearance.

EPIC ELAN 30: construction

Main difference to the M16i is the revised tweeter: an aluminum dome and ferrite magnets were previously used, it’s at the ELAN tweeter to a 25 mm model made of fabric that is being cheered on by a strong Neodymium magnets .

The low-midrange is divided by a team of two 15, 6 cm-chassis. Their rather soft polypropylene membrane to guarantee more homogeneous bonding properties and acoustically better internal damping. While the lower woofer is only up to 800 Hz to act to make frequency interference out of the way. Later this his one floor twin continues the work until 3, 6 kHz, where he finally acknowledged the service and leaves the rest of the work to the tweeter. A conventional reflex system should provide for a better draft. The tube opening on the back of the boxes is particularly large, to avoid any “pumping” sounds of air turbulence at the mouth of the tube.

Hearing test

Considering that the ELAN 30 was the smallest level box in the test, the tester could trust hardly their ears, how wonderfully tired she gave back the lower register without discoloring or to overemphasize. The rather soft membranes of the woofer produced with “Cocaine” by J.J. Cale (Troubadour) a Precise and lush electric bass, despite the many shipping player of the bass player (in the middle of the song to hear) produced a driving Groove. And although the not so deep down handed epic about the Dali as the Wharfedale, juicy beats and Groovy bass lines especially for electronic music wanted to (such as Mr. Oizos “Flat 55”, analog worms attack) just do not stop to delight the testers.

Compared to the Dali, the middle of the epic much spirited tinged which, for example, at music with acoustic instruments a more airy and spritzigeren sound brought. Guitars worked like this, like having them just a fresh set of strings sent: plucking sounds or accents with the shock hand sparkled on the images rich in detail and brilliant. Whom this directness is maybe too much of a good should definitely reconsider the setting up of the box. Because the sound in the AUDIO listening room turned out to be much forgiving Not angled: both the Center and the height is now elegantly restrained without losing detail richness.

The acoustic guitar in the song “Crucial Experiences” by the music duo Philipp Wiechert & Sönke my (PhiliSophical journey) sounded coherent and with deeper timbre – the previously belonged metallic portion of the strings and the slightly Cramped character disappeared completely. Just set up the already precise space imaging in addition won three-dimensionality and naturalness. Especially classical recordings had a this more realistic than when angled orientation: Gustav Holsts “Planet” played rarely so direct and concert similar to like about the epic dash 30.