Eyeglasses: 4 Valuable Tips To Choose Yours

As you well know, I’m nearsighted assumed and use my prescription glasses every day–including live appearing in videos and pictures with them!

Eyeglasses 4 Valuable Tips To Choose Yours

Someone always asks me what brand/model are, so for those who have this curiosity will leave a video at the end of the text explaining everything.

But the focus of today’s post is not that! I want to share with you 4 things that I consider important before buying a frame to your call! Hope you can help with tips that I never had and I learned the hard way myself, hahahaha! Bora there!

#1 Cheap Or Expensive?

I’ve had cheap prescription glasses, but the model I own two and a half years ago it cost me almost a kidney. One way or another, they were being used and used until they were capengas-and that’s not varied according to the price or not.

#2 Feel Good

That’s why I say: whether it’s expensive or account, the important thing is that the owner feel good with glasses-in terms of model, color, finish, comfort, whatever. And more: even if they have value, end up paying on account of daily use. This is my opinion!

#3 Always Test

I think SUPER important experience the eyeglasses in the store. I know that online shopping are tempting, but it’s just viewing their behavior in the face that will give to know if they’re good. Sometimes a template looks great on a friend, but it doesn’t work for us – and vice versa.

#4 Remember The Bridge

Don’t know what bridge? Explain: this is the name given to that part of the glasses that fit in our nose. It varies from model to model, so it’s so important to make sure everything’s perfect–there’s nothing worse than a loose frame or too tight in this region.

That’s it, then. If anyone has any touch, please, leave it in the comments!