Eyes on When Buying Designer Bags

According to a recent market study, 43% of all designer bags purchased are counterfeits!Do not buy your designer bags so please somewhere !!Particularly online is the danger that you are falling into a fraud shop, because they are optically for the layman not to distinguish from the reputable.Also buying via ebay is a risk.Here you often get plagiarism from China.The product photo does not necessarily show the original.Likewise, it is then difficult to return the counterfeit goods and send them to China!When you buy a designer bag, you have to be rational and can not be blinded by cheap offers.

Of course you have to be very careful when buying very expensive products.Most plagiarisms are offered as “Sale” and “Outlet” with strikingly favorable prices.Here,you just have to be extra careful as a pocket friend.You know for sure that the reputable shops can offer genuine designer bags all year round with discounts of up to 70%.But even cheaper can not be more real!

In order to ensure that pocket-girls do not have to experience an unpleasant surprise when buying bags,there are our designer pockets.Here only the reputable shops are represented.If you buy through our side bags, you will become established stores like mytheresa.com, Fashionette.com,Gucci.Com,Furla.com,and some other brand stores.This ensures a lasting shopping experience and you will enjoy the high-quality materials,the top processing and the stylish look of your designer bag.

Top models and brands unfortunately often fake

According to BagLib, some models are particularly in demand and are often faked:

  • Louis Vuitton handbags like the Speedy and Neverfull
  • Chanel bags like the Timeless model
  • Balenciaga bags

Read about fake shops and fake bags also this article: Safe shopping

How do you recognize plagiarism when buying designer bags?

It is not always easy to recognize a fake designer bag.It sometimes takes a whole squad of experts to check every detail.Many factors play a role:

  • The leather quality.Genuine,expensive designware always offers excellent quality.
  • The seams are firm and very acurate.
  • The hardware and closures are made of noble materials and do not run.
  • The logos have extraneous dimensions.

Chanel has developed a special system to counteract the numerous counterfeits:there is an authenticity card with a hologram sticker on the inside of the bag for each bag.The code is stored at Chanel in the database and can be checked.Please pay attention to all these points when buying designer bags.

What are the most popular bags of designer bags?

  • Chanel
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Hermes
  • Céline
  • Isabel Marant
  • Saint Laurent
  • Christian Louboutin

Where can you buy high quality designer bags, even in sale?Quite clearly, at all the shops that are linked to the blog and some more.If you follow our links,nothing can happen to you.The shops linked by us only carry originals!

Our cooperation partners for the purchase of designer bags

  • GUCCI .com – Handbags and clothing online store
  • Fashionette.de – Handbags as well as Accessoires Online-Store
  • Mytheresa.com – designer bags and luxury clothing
  • Wardow.de – high quality bags, busines bags and suitcases
  • Rebelle.com – Second Hand for Designers and Fashion

Why an original designer bag?

Why should you buy an original?First and foremost,you have the quality for which the brand of the bag has become famous.A label does not become a premium label for nothing.It is not a fashionable frenzy that helps to fame.Luxury brands work with top quality and first class workmanship.A designer bag lasts for decades and longer.Your leather is high quality and very hard wearing.While you plagiarize the bad processing, if not already at first glance, then at the latest after some time of use.The upper material is not high quality, the seams do not hold and often the bag does not remain in shape.Shredded or crushed, a designer bag should only look as if it were part of their style.

If the budget is not enough for the dream bag

Of course you do not always have the necessary small money for a luxury bag ready.Then you do not have to renounce or despair,but can buy installments.So you pay your luxury object just peu à peu.Another alternative is to access used designer bags.

Cheap original designer bags are available at rebelle.com.This is an online platform for high-quality luxury fashion and luxury bags.The shop has existed since 2013 and you will find many branded items from the international top designers.So you can get luxury with less budget.