Eyeshade Pallets

I have been tagged by the dear Roxy of Pink Satin & Lace and will show you my eyeshadow pallets. Since I am only recently on the eyeshadow pallet trip, my collection is (fortunately) still quite manageable. Actually, I find the size of the collection super, maybe I can pull myself together and it remains only once so. This week came a small Sleek order with three other eyeshadow pallets with me and they want to be tested first.

Here Is My Small Collection At A Glance:

  1. How Should A Pallet Be Designed To Convince You?

Most importantly, the palette is of immediate color. Sure, there will always be a color, which is a somewhat sad Schattendasein, but on the whole I should like the colors of the palette all. In addition, they should be great pigmented and the durability must also be in order, whereby I always use an eyeshadow base anyway.

2. Is Packaging Important?

My Clinique palette is nice looking with the silver packaging, but actually this is really secondary. If the content is correct and the packaging is on top also still great, then of course the best combination

3. Do You Use The Supplied Applicators Or Brushes?

No not at all. Mostly, there are applicators, which I have since I have learned the advantages of eyeshadow brushes, no longer use. And the brushes are often useless. The brush of the Naked palette is quite okay, but is still neglected by me.

4.What Is Your Favorite Brand For Pallets?

As you can see in the photo I am currently in the Sleek fever. Here simply the price and the quality. In addition, I find the black pallets also still very fashionable.

5.High End Or High Street?

Does the Urban Decay already count to high end? With this was my price pain threshold reached. A range for 60 euros or more, just because a certain name draufsteht, I would not buy. Especially since you can often read that the quality then not even convinced.

6. Do You Use Your Pallets More Frequently Or Your Single-Cell Shadow?

I have only recently discovered the advantages of pallets and since then I have been using them much more. It’s just more practical if you only have to open a palette to create an eye makeup, as do small eyeshadow dents. I appreciate that especially during the week in the morning when it has to go fast.

  1. Do You Stick To The Color Combination Provided By The Palette Or Do You Always Mix With Other External Eyeshadows?
    Usually, I remain true to a pallet, otherwise the advantage of the practicality would be right again

Here Are A Few Detail Pictures:

Sleek “The Original”, Sleek “Storm”, Sleek “Primer Palette” (from left to right)

Esprit “Styling Color Palette, 800 Smokey Eyes”, Urban Decay “Naked”, Clinique “Black Honey”,

Essence “01 Love At First Bite” from Vampire’s Love LE (from left to right)

Here The Still Virgin New Additions:

Sleek “Oh Girl”, Sleek “Me, Myself & Eye”, Sleek “Oh so special” (from left to right)