Facebook Surpasses Orkut in Brazil (Yes, Again)

In April last year, Facebook surpassed Orkut in according to Alexa traffic. Shortly after, in October, Facebook had overtaken Orkut in number of unique users, according to Ibope / Nielsen, although the institute has denied the information later. This month it was the turn of comScore disclose your data, indicating that overtaking again, this time by the number of visitors.

According to the data, Facebook had 36 million visitors in Brazil in December last year, while Orkut had 34.4 million in the same period. Besides the two, the company also said that the Windows Live had 13.3 million visitors, Twitter had 12.5 million and Google Plus has 4.3 million of them. According to comScore, visits by mobile access and LAN Houses are not counted.

Talk that Facebook surpassed Orkut in Brazil has become starlet technology vehicles, appearing in news headlines with almost the same frequency as the rumors involving gadgets Apple pop up on the web. Yes, it is interesting to see that a social network is stealing the dominance of another, but I think finally exhausted the amount of times it can happen using metrics from three different institutes, right?