Fashion Belts of the Year

The world of fashion brings us new outfits, new releases, and new trends for us to follow. And is in a way much easier to fit in this fabulous little world. And now the intention of the designers to please both skinny, like the fatties, but is very important to know how to use fashion to our advantage. The trend for the winter of 2011 are the belts, and they are being used in various ways, after all, is not because it is winter that the Collections will be directed only to the cold days, especially in Brazil, where the weather stations do not mean that there will be hot or cold. And for that, it is possible to be fashionable with dresses, pants, and jackets over-all.

And the belts arrived with everything, to make the look more feminine, highlighting the beauty of women, showing exactly where are her curves. And with this you can enjoy amazing models that leave any jaw dropped, and full of desire. But before you go putting an accessory on their own, well the entire contents, and see if it will encourage, or simply put it down, because when we strive to leave beautiful, it is possible that only an accessory screw up everything else, and in this case, as in many others, if not used correctly, it may look like “a sack of potatoes tied” , which nobody wants.

For more fat, it is important to understand that you can be fashionable with what the market offers us, but have common sense. The same accessory that serves for a thinner person might not look as good in you, and end up causing you to leave and come back, not so happy as in the output. But understand that this is not a question of size, after all, even the skinny women have different curves, and that sometimes makes it impossible to use certain models not to stay very well.

Now let’s talk of combinations and the magic that they can make a simple model such as: modern dresses and clothes bulky cold get even more feminine with the use of belts in different sizes, the innovative way of using the tool presented in the SPFW was replace the buckle, for us, giving a super style sex for short dresses in the style baby doll. To the modern, combinations with boots and short coats, covered by belts with metal details give a fully independent air to them. The righteous or bulky dresses are super compatible with various models of the accessory, promoting a differentiated look every outfit.

If you want to see more models of belts and their combinations, it is possible to see much of what was presented at the event on the site our site SPFW in the tab “fashion”, see the news and be ready to receive the trends.