Fashion Tips to Hide Your Tummy

A lot of people have a little belly. Who doesn’t bother with that? It is difficult to know how to wear clothes to cover the belly. Everyone knows burning the belly is not easy. How about using some tricks sets?

Agooddir brings fashion tips to hide your stomach:

  1. Right-sized clothes. Not too big and not too small. Too small, tightens the belly and often can break it down and make it worse. Too large increases the illusion of volume and the person seems to have larger belly. Not to mention it makes it clear the attempt to hide something. Buy clothes for your size and comfortable.
  2. Use dressed envelope. This is the perfect dress to disguise the bun in the oven. This is the type of dress that helps divert attention in the belly.
  3. Coat, blazer and jacket. Try using these items with the right size of the body. This helps make silhouette and forms. Who uses these parts in huge sizes and straight to cover her stomach only increases the illusion of being great. Not to mention that the waist is straight and shapeless.
  4. Be careful with embellishments at the waist. Clothes that have embellishments, ruffles or details in this region can leave even bigger belly.
  5. Use minimalist pants. Pants with many details, especially in the waist, hip gives impression of larger belly. All he wants is to disguise it. This includes throwing away pants with pleats.
  6. Do not wear shirts or blouses too short. Accentuates the look on the tummy, which is better yet used below the line of the belly.
  7. Avoid elastic waist. Pants with elastic increase the bulge of the tummy.
  8. Use and abuse of accessories. Neck scarves, earrings, bracelets take the attention of the belly area.
  9. Place jump. Can you believe a little bit of jump is able to stretch any silhouette and helps to disguise the belly. Not to mention that is more elegant. You can wear heels when possible, it’s worth it.
  10. Don’t become hostage of the belly. Good energy helps to disguise any belly!

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