Fatigue in Pregnancy: What’s Behind It And How You Will Back Up

“I wish I would be sleeping beauty, then I could sleep a long time”

Sleep, sleep, sleep the whole day only: the most pregnant women have this wish during the first three months. The famous fatigue in pregnancy is not just a rumour, but a reality.

Are to blame, how should it be otherwise, the hormones. The body is at the beginning of pregnancy head and produces lots of progesterone. This hormone soothes and is therefore the main cause for the fatigue. In the first weeks of pregnancy, the body does but also most work. He produced the placenta, making more blood and perhaps weakened by nausea. Also changed the metabolism and decrease blood pressure and blood sugar.

Fatigue in pregnancy: it gets better from the fourth month

A small consolation for all pregnant women: From the fourth month, it is usually better. Then the body of the changes has become accustomed, and it feels fit again and can enjoy the pregnancy. A new wave of fatigue is often in the last trimester.The pregnancy is so advanced that the abdomen is constantly in the way and more difficult everyday. At night you can not sleep often, because every position is uncomfortable or makes the baby in the belly of rampage.

On the fatigue during pregnancy, we can’t change anything. But we can give you tips which facilitate everyday life. Very important: Let’s take it easy and make only as much as you can. No one expects you to constantly meet with friends, now makes the clean sweep or late into the night are.

What helps against pregnancy fatigue?

Not rushing you and places it always small breaks. Especially the work on the computer can be quite tiring. In between stands up, stretches you and takes a few steps. The best you get at the same time also a little fresh air – oxygen does well. Sit down for a few minutes after out there.

Fatigue in pregnancy: eat regularly

As a pregnant woman must eat only slightly more, to meet the new energy demand. Because blood sugar levels but something crazy and you feel so often tired, it is important that you eat regularly.

The cravings for sweets is often particularly strong in those moments. But you should stand firm. The problem: Eat sweet, soaring blood sugar levels soaring. After a short time he falls just as quickly again and we fall back into a performance low.

You should schedule upstream and afternoon small snacks in addition to main meals. Whole grain bread are ideal fruit, vegetable sticks, yogurt, nuts or a disc.

Fatigue in pregnancy: regular exercise

Pregnancy is not a reason to put on the lazy skin. Movement stimulates the circulation and sells the tiredness. Find a sport that is especially fun and you speak up to your doctor. Walking, swimming, aerobic – all this and much more make also pregnant women.
Incorporates more movement in everyday life and take the stairs more often and also go on foot.

Remains relaxed

Jahaa, easier said than done, but please let’s you not your fellow man or the work stress and crazy make. You are only human and if you are already tired, stress is the last thing that you can use. So it is not better and you’re doing may even faster error.
Learned best relaxation techniques like Yoga or meditation and relaxation breaks to schedule in your everyday life.

Fatigue in pregnancy: sleep, but not too much

Sleeping helps against fatigue in pregnancy, says oxfordastronomy.com. You should be careful at night to sleep between seven and eight hours are ideal. If necessary, you should a short afternoon nap schedule during the day – so called power napping. More than a quarter of an hour but not should take it. You sleep longer, going too much down the metabolism and most people are still weak.