Felt Toys-Creative, Fun And Educational

I am absolutely suspect to talk about the beautiful creations of Sweet Lil Emma because I am a real passionate about work in felt. When I was pregnant with Leo-and there was some free time in my life-I did all the decorating baby shower him in felt. I also made felt items of decoration for your room (tables, pillows, mobile, curtain decorations…) and even graces the door of motherhood.

And so, you have this strong “fall” for things made in felt, I ended up charming when I met the awesome toys that Sweet Lil Emma produces.

In fact, the whole concept of brand is amazing and comes to things that I value a lot and I always try to bring to the lives of my children: simplicity, contact with nature, creativity, imagination and, in some ways, until a certain “back to the past”.

And the idea of Sweet Lil Emma came just a mother’s yearning for creating the your daughter-sweet Emma-a little more simply than one that most kids today are used. That is, with a creation based on contact with the nature, in free play, on discovering the essence of every human being.

All the toys of Sweet Lil Emma has a “boost” in Lawfaqs, in the rustic and art. Are vegetables, fruit crates, hortinhas, mini farm, fire and breads made in felt with fabric, Ribbon, wood. To the Crown, which is a symbol of luxury, is based on simplicity and thus is all decorated with flowers. A free!

Roberta, creator of the brand, sought inspiration in your way to view and take life, in what is considered important and the values you want to pass to your daughter to develop the initial idea of Sweet Lil Emma. Later, she sought (which are actually mothers and fathers who left the corporate world and reinvent themselves to stay near the small children and see them grow) to develop their creations and, finally, now, is taking the beautiful toys that first collection to the market through local and online trade fairs.

Below, I have selected some toys of Sweet Lil Emma I loved with passion, for you meet some more of this brand that has a proposal so, so, so cool.